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416 Free Groove Templates Released By Samples From Mars 

Free Drum Machine Groove Templates Released By Samples From Mars

Samples From Mars has released Grooves From Mars, a free collection of MIDI groove templates which were captured from 25 classic and modern drum machines. It is no secret that different models of vintage and modern drum machines have distinct swing, shuffle, and stutter characteristics, adding a specific groove to sequenced beats. The easiest way to [...]

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Free Rhythm And Pitch Generator VST/AU Plugin Released By Soundemote 

Free Rhythm And Pitch Generator VST/AU Plugin Released By Soundemote

Soundemote has introduced Rhythm And Pitch Generator, a freeware virtual synthesizer in VST and AU plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Rhythm And Pitch Generator’s synthesis engine is based around two main components – an analog-style arpeggiator and Robin Schmidt’s TriSaw morphable oscillator which is used to generate the sound on the [...]

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Acustica Audio Viridian Review 

Acustica Audio’s new Viridian Module is amazing! It is an analog emulation of a few different units. The Mic Pre’s emulate the sought after V72 Pre’s as well as the Pre’s of the EQ and Compressor sections. The EQ Emulates a Helios 69PK EQ, a Helios 69TR EQ and a German Mastering Desk. The Compressors emulate a Helios F760, a Helios F700 LWT, and a Pye 4060 Compressor.

As much as I love the EQ and Pre’s on this plugin the compressor is what stands out the most to me. I feel like Acustica has finally arrived when it comes to compression. These compressors sound amazing! I find myself reaching them often, which is always a good sign to me.

Check out the full video review and examples below!


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Travis Scott Reverb Effect 

The heavy reverb effect you hear on a lot of Travis Scott records has gone viral.

You now hear it all the time, and it is such a cool effect to use.

It can help fill in space on records that need more energy.

I tend to use the Valhalla Vintage Reverb for this effect. Check out the video below to see how!



Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Matty here at MixandMasterMySong.com. Today, I’m gonna show you how to get that kind of Travis Scott, long tail reverb sound. I use it on ad libs a lot, I use it as an effect, sometimes instead of using a delay it just can kind of extend the ad libs for a rap song or really any song and make it sound a bit more dreamy and bring some excitement and stuff to a song.

So first what I’ll do is I’ll go over how to get the effect, what plug-in I use for that effect, and then kind of how I use it in a mix. So check it, we go this song by Cam Meaken, it’s called Big Joints. Check it out on Spotify. And what I use is the ValhallaVintageVerb. And we’ll go to default so I can just … we’ll start a new one so I can show you guys how to get to where I get. So here’s the Valhalla.

So I always start off this setting, it’s called Huge Spaces and it’s called Medieval and what we’ll do is I’ll play the ad lib track with it. So you can hear it goes off forever. It’s got like a 10 second decay time. So first off I’m going to bring this mix down obviously, usually around 22 depending on what I’m going for. And then I pull this attack back which will kind of make the reverb hit a little later, so you can get the word through before the tail comes. And then the decay I tend to bring down to four to five, depending once again on the song tempo and what I’m going for.

So now should be able to hear it. We’ll hear the mix. So right off the bat you can see how it kind of brings some more energy to the song. But I find using it like on awe, especially an ad lib track like this where you got multiple words together, it can tend to be a little bit too much and it starts getting your mix kind of washy. So what I’ll usually do is just duplicate the track and then I’ll drag over a few of the punchlines. So the “yeah” and then the “one-two-three.” And then “four”, put that one there. So you can tail out a few of the choice words and that kind of … One, doesn’t make the reverb so washy and going all the time and, two, makes the effect cool. Because I find if you just have it on every word, it gets boring and it’s not like a change in the song, or something happening that’s different in the song.

So, by putting it on it’s own track and picking three to four lines that might work, for me, it sounds better. And then what I’ll do sometimes is just turn those up a little bit. So now hear it. And it’s cool. Right there is really cool. And then you can mess with it. Turn up the mix more. I was wondering … Yeah. There we go. We gotta turn off the main one. Felt like it was always happening. Here we go now.

That’s more like it. So now you can hear the difference between the two, and so it can go back to the old ad lib, just dryish ad lib with this little bit of verb on it. What do I got on here? Some echo boy. Let’s go into my excitor and the delays that are happening once in a while, and then I have a little reverb probably from the CLA that I use on ad libs. So, let’s hear it one more time.

And then hear that “one, two, three, hey.” Without that, it’s a whole different thing there. See, not so much energy. So it’s really cool. You can throw it on a couple things here and there and it can really help bring life to your song. So let me know what you think. If you’ve got any questions, please leave in the comments below. If you need your songs mixed or mastered, hit me up at MixandMasterMySong.com. We also offer … I’m starting to offer lessons through Skype on there, so if that’s something you’re interested in, we can do that as well. So, thanks a lot. Talk to you soon.

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Overloud Echoson Review 

Overloud is an audio plugin company based in Italy, best known for making emulations of sought-after analog hardware. They are somewhat new to the audio world, but their plugins sound fantastic.

When I saw that they released the Echoson I was super excited. The Echson is a replica of a Binson Ecorec 2.

The Echorec 2 was manufactured by Binson between 1961 and 1979. It is best known for its use on Pink Floyd records.

The unique signature sound of that echo machine was due to the usage of an analog magnetic drum recorder instead of a tape loop, and to its particular electric circuitry.

The magnetic drum had four record/play heads. The echo machine allowed the user to select which ones of those heads were recording, and which ones playing. At the output, the processed sound was a variable complex and dense texture of echo reflections with a characteristic timbre for the fading sound decay.

Although the Echoson can be a bit complex to set up, once you start turning knobs the plugin comes to life. Overloud also gives a great set of presets to get started.

Check out the video below for the full review and to hear audio examples.


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ProF.E.T. VST/AU Plugin By Ignite Amps (KVRDC18 Winner) 

ProF.E.T. VST/AU Plugin By Ignite Amps (KVRDC18 Winner)

The winning entry in KVR Developer Challenge 2018 is ProF.E.T., a freeware guitar distortion pedal emulation VST/VST3/AU plugin developed by Ignite Amps. ProF.E.T. is an accurate digital emulation of a hardware high-gain distortion stompbox which was designed and manufactured by Ignite Amps earlier this year. The hardware pedal’s internal circuit was tuned to deliver tube-style saturation [...]

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Acustica Audio Coral Tutorial 

Acustica Audio Coral plugin is an all in one mastering channel. It includes a stereo and M/S Equalizer as well as a compressor with a plethora of options.

The Equalizer is based on a classic Baxandall configuration, a design which is highly prized for its clarity.  Its smooth slopes easily allow broad musical corrections with minimum phase smearing.

Baxandall low and high shelves can be found in several hardware devices (although usually, they are present on a fixed frequency), while Bax middle (bell) filters are certainly few and far between.

The Equalizer is fairly straight forward, and I tend to use it a lot for adding air in the 25k range on final masters.

However, the compressor is much more complicated.

The detector section is what makes Coral so different from other compressors. It consists of 9 presets that model several rectifiers from different kinds of hardware. Each preset sets a different configuration of the attack and release curves: starting from the left the attack and release times increase (and are further split into individual attack and release settings).

Check out the video below for a full breakdown on this amazing plugin from Acustica Audio.



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Get 50% OFF “I Wish” Pitch Freeze FX By Polyverse Music @ VSTBuzz! 

Get 50% OFF “I Wish” Pitch Freeze FX By Polyverse Music @ VSTBuzz!

VSTBuzz is running a 50% OFF deal on the I Wish pitch freezing effect by Polyverse Music, available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. I Wish is a unique “pitch freezer” type of audio effect capable of treating the incoming audio signal as a single-cycle waveform [...]

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