Mahalia & Burna Boy Turn Up The Heat For "Simmer" Visual 

U.K. R&B singer Mahalia is hoping to heat things up this summer, and she's kicking things off with her islands-inspired single, "Simmer." We previously reported on the track when it was released earlier this month, and now Mahalia has dropped off the visual for her Burna Boy-assisted single. If the song itself sounds familiar, it may be because Mahalia sampled dancehall artist Beanie Man's 1998 hot track "Who Am I (Sim Simma)."

In the music video or "Simmer," Mahalia is shown in a red-laced atmosphere as she belts out her sweet vocals. Burna Boy is featured in blue, a landscape that is a stark contrast to Mahalia's fiery surroundings. The reggae jam is perfect for the summer, as it will inspire listeners to dance around beach bonfires on those warm nights on the coast. Aside from playing "Simmer" on repeat, fans are looking forward to Mahalia's forthcoming release, LOVE & COMPROMISE, which is slated for release on September 6.

Kim Kardashian In Talks With The White House To Get A$AP Rocky Released: Report 

A little over a week ago, Snoop Dogg made a public plea to Kim Kardashian West to use her "plug" to get A$AP Rocky released from a Swedish jail. "You've been gettin' all kinda n*ggas out of jail this year," he said in an Instagram video. "Go get Rocky outta jail. Look out for us. The black community needs this. Kanye. Tell your woman to go get him out." While Snoop's serious request may have been delivered casually, TMZ reports that Kim has been using her connections to help get Rocky released.

According to the outlet, both Kim and her husband Kanye West have been actively involved in partnering with the White House over Rocky's case. Kayne was reportedly the one who told Kim she should reach out to people in the White House whom she's worked with before, specifically thosee she linked up with for the release of low-level drug offenders who were serving lengthy prison sentences. According to the report, Kim called up Jared Kushner and gave him the details of Rocky's case. In turn, Trump's son-in-law allegedly shared the information with his presidential family member.

Prosecutors in Sweden initially shared that Rocky would remain in their custody until they decided on whether or not he would be tried for assault charges. The day of reckoning is near, as Friday is the day they will make their decision. The U.S. State Department and other members of Congress have rallied in the #FreeASAPROCKY movement, and TMZ shares that even President Trump himself believes that the rapper isn't receiving justice overseas. 

However, members of the Congressional Black Caucus don't think that top-level politicians are moving fast enough when it pertains to getting Rocky released. "It appears that the hip-hop police for years have been targeting rappers in New York and in other parts of the country have now shown the world that it's not just a United States phenomenon," Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York said. "You can expect that members of Congress, particularly those of us who are part of the Congressional Black Caucus, are going to continue to weigh-in forcefully until ASAP Rocky is free.”

Shannon Brown Is Doing Just Fine Amid Divorce From Singer Monica 

Former NBA player Shannon Brown has found his name in the headlines, not only because he's a co-captain of BIG3's Aliens team, but due to his divorce from singer Monica Brown. The 33-year-old sports star has been silent in regards to the dissolution of his nine-year marriage, but he let everyone know that he's doing just fine.

Brown told Sister Circle TV for TVOne that contrary to anything people may hear in the media, things aren't as dramatic as they may seem. “I haven’t been going through a lot of nothing,” he said when asked about everything he's been enduring as of late. “I feel like a lot of people take stories that they hear and they kind of blow it up for entertainment purposes. I learned how to ignore the negativity and just keep pushing forward. I feel like that’s what it’s all about. It’s funny because I think a lot of people got the same idea. Like, when they see me they’re like, 'Are you OK?' And I’m like, 'I’m fine, what's wrong?' It’s part of it, though, when you’re in the public eye. You’ve got to be able to deal with whatever come along with it. I’m strong in my faith and my spirituality, so that’s what pull me or push me.”

During a recent episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family HustleMonica admitted that things have been rough for her as she adjusts to the shifts that have been going on in her life. "Things in my personal life have been changing a lot, and it has not been easy," Monica stated. "I cannot lie. My personal relationship is taking a major toll on me. I’m feeling it every day. I’ve been keeping everything to myself and I feel overwhelmed...I’m everybody’s go-to, and I think it makes people think I’m pretending to be perfect when in actuality, I just don’t believe in pausing. 'Cause it’s like you pause and you get stuck."


Jermaine Dupri Recalls Almost Getting Into Truck With Notorious B.I.G The Night He Was Killed 

Following the Soul Train Awards in 1997, artists and industry leaders came together at Vibe's afterparty at the side in L.A. That get-together was shut down early because of over-crowding, so many of the partygoers, including Notorious BIG and his crew, made their way out to their awaiting vehicles.

A little before 1:00 a.m. as he sat at a red light in the passenger seat of a GMC Suburban, Biggie was shot and killed by unknown assailants. Of the four bullets that hit him, only one was fatal. Jermaine Dupri has a vivid memory when it comes to that fateful evening because, according to him, he almost got into Biggie's truck that night.

"Everybody was there, it was like a party," Dupri told PEOPLE. "Everybody was at this afterparty in L.A. and me and Big we just had a great relationship so we was just talking before the party was over. He was talking about going to this Outkast party. One thing that Big...once you was his friend, he was just looking out for you, always. We came outside [and] his truck pulled up. My truck was still, I was still waiting for my truck and he didn't want me to stand outside and wait 'til my car came. He wasn't gon' leave me just standing out there, so he was like jump in. As I was getting in, my truck pulled up. So it's like that, that could've been, wow."

He said the near-miss of being the vehicle didn't bother him, but the loss of his friend tore him up. "Biggie leaving was like, crushing to me, though," he stated. "Somebody so talented, such a great heart. Just to see that happen to them through this music situation. It's crazy." He added, "It happened so fast. 'Cause even when the information came, I was pulling up to the Outkast party and somebody called me and was like, 'Biggie got...' I'm like, no way. That can't be." 

Ominously, Dupri ended the story by saying, "I do know what business I'm in, and I do know that this business has a dark side."

Stunna 4 Vegas & DaBaby Deliver "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Visual For "Ashley" Single 

North Carolina artists Stunna 4 Vegas and DaBaby have joined forces on their single "Ashley." The track comes from Stunna's May release Big 4x, Stunna's debut Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment record. The two have been collaborating for quite some time as Stunna admitted that before he inked a deal with DaBaby, he was reaching out to the "Goin Baby" rapper to pay him for a verse. The two collaborated and their song "Animal" was a hit, so the pair have been working together ever since.

On "Ashley," the two trade verses—three each—making for a nearly-five minute song with no chorus. The music video is inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and features the two rappers dressed in their best '90s attire as they throw a backyard, mansion house-party. Judging by the 'fits, Stunna plays the part of Will while DaBaby rocks more of a Carlton look. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Apryl Jones Praises Fizz & Shares Strained Relationship With Omarion 

It's been an interesting last few weeks for Apryl Jones. First, she was captured in photos laying in bed next to Fizz from B2K, the same group that includes Omarion, the father of Apryl's two children. Then, Moniece Slaughter, Fizz's ex and mother of his son, came forward with allegations that Fizz and Apryl are not only in a relationship, but they're living together and she's pregnant. Later, a video went viral showing Apryl bragging about all the men in the industry who are trying to sleep with her including The Game, A$AP Rocky, Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce, Shaquille O'Neal, and Fizz.

Apryl will even make an appearance on the next episode of Black Ink Chicago where she states that she and Ryan Henry haven't sex..."yet." Now that VH1 is setting the stages for their upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, they've roped Apryl in for a sit-down interview where she, once again, gets candid about...well...everything.

The reality star says that her return to LHHH will show a different side of her because during her first go-round she was in a relationship with Omarion and pregnant. She shared that she couldn't have a good time with the others on the show, so she's hoping to reveal more of her true self. She had no problem talking about her relationship with Fizz, who she calls by his real first name, Dreux.

"My relationship with Dreux, he's someone who I've considered to be an angel sent into my life," she said. "I've known him for some years, but we've definitely gotten closer over the past two to three years. He has been there through the course of the sh*t that I deal with with the father of my kids, just helping me in that aspect. I'm a single mom. I have no family in L.A. and it's awesome to have a friend who chooses to do what's right, to be there and support his friend, to make sure that I am healthy mentally. Honestly, he's just an angel sent into my life and I'm just truly honestly grateful for him."

As far as her relationship with Omarion is concerned, Apryl matter-of-factly stated that there isn't one. She admitted that they are having difficulty co-parenting and the way they are now is the worst it has ever been. However, just because she and Omarion are on the outs doesn't mean she's hooked up with Fizz. According to Apryl, they're just friends. 

"I have fallen in love with best friends before," Apryl said. "I'm not opposed I wouldn't or couldn't fall in love with him. But I think where we are is where we are." She claimed that both she and Fizz are messed up from their past relationships, but if they did want to enter into something serious, they would probably go to therapy first. They have talked about their feelings for one another, but they want to go about it the right way.

She also isn't opposed to sleeping with him, either. "A b*tch needs some d*ck and I'd rather give it to a person that's my friend as opposed to someone who is just a guy that I'm knowing. He's deserving of the p*ssy. Let's just be really honest. Dreaux is definitely deserving of the p*ssy. If I decide to give it to him one day I would be proud of that because I have given guys my vagina that don't deserve it."

Moniece wasted no time responding to the video by commenting, "Finally. The truth. The truth I can respect. The involuntary lying to my face is what will turn me back into the old me. Cuz see a blatant lie, is worse than saying nothing at all, especially when I didn’t ask. The lie is also an insult to my intelligence." 

A$AP Ferg Rides Through New York City In "Floor Seats" Visual 

He let the world know that his latest project is completed, so all fans can do is wait on A$AP Ferg to drop his forthcoming album, Floor Seats. To continue the hype surrounding the record's release, Ferg dropped a new single of the same name with an accompanying visual. In the music video, Ferg and his crew grab their bikes and roll through the streets of New York before linking up with a few other members of their entourage at a house party.

Last month, Ferg chatted with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 and shared what listeners can expect from Floor Seats. "It's the floor seats to my life," he said. "A lot of people, they see artists and famous people sitting on the floor, but they don't know what it's like, they don't know what the VIP access is like, and that's what I'm giving people on this album, is the VIP access to my life."

Quotable Lyrics

Hit the 'Gram wit a pic
Whole computer catch a glitch

Cardi B Has To Explain Explicit Bars On "New Lyrics for Old People"  

Rapping husband and wife duo Offset and Cardi B's collaboration "Clout" quickly became a hit, but not everyone has a firm grasp on what the pair are spitting bars about. The track is featured on Offset's debut solo record Father of 4, a project that showed the Migos rapper could stand on his own. 

While "old heads" are often the targets of criticisms over their objections of new artists and music, Jimmy Kimmel is hoping that he can bridge the gap between old school and new school. Offset and Cardi were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and thanks to another edition of  New Lyrics for Old People, everyone has a better insight into what Offset and Cardi were saying.

"Straight out the streets to a penthouse, Miami Beach, yayo," the rapper said to which Kimmel translated, "I came from humble beginnings and now I own a condominium in Florida...yayo." Then Offset rapped, "Swapping out cars with my b*tch, I bought her the Lambo she bought me the Wraith." Cardi said, "That's me," while pointing to herself and smiling. Kimmel translated, "That means, uh, his wife and I exchanged cars and jewelry, is that correct?" Cardi enthusiastically nodded.

The next line was, "Get the wealth, put it up for my seeds, no cure for the IG disease." Kimmel said, "Seeds are kids, right. So, I'm saving my money for my children and I love Instagram. A lot." Cardi got a few lines in of her own. "I say, 'Whole lotta people need to hear this, it's a lotta names on my hit list." Kimmel said, "Ok, that means everyone listen closely because I'm upset with a lot of you." 

Things got a tad awkward when she spit her rhyme, "P*ssy still wet like a big b*tch." Unfortunately, Kimmel didn't translate that one correctly so Cardi had to divvy up an explanation. Check out the enter translation experience below.

Stevie J. Declares His Love For Faith Evans On Their Anniversary 

While there are folks out there wondering whether the City Boys or the Hot Girls are having a better summer, Stevie J. and Faith Evans are living their best lives on vacation. The couple has recently been on the receiving end of break up rumors after social media sleuths claimed that the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram. However, the husband and wife assured reporters that their marriage was just fine as they were spotted recently at ESSENCE Fest.

The unlikely pair shocked fans when it came to light that they married on a whim in Las Vegas. Stevie was a producer for Bad Boy Records and worked on a number of tracks for Faith's late ex-husband, Notorious B.I.G. Stevie and Faith have weathered the storms of accusations that Stevie, who has developed a reputation as a reality television playboy, couldn't remain faithful, but it looks as if Faith has set him on the right path.

"Happy Anniversary FRJ ⚜️ Truth is - the one you love is always near, you’ll never know," Stevie wrote in an Instagram post. "Just love each friend or loved one wholeheartedly & unconditionally. The universe hand delivered My Angel, supremely honored. This life of yours hasn’t been easy though you carried your cross without complaints now lay all of your cares on my shoulders, please. Amen."

Meanwhile, Stevie continues to battle it out in court with his ex and former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-star Joseline Hernandez over their daughter Bonnie Bella.

"She's Gotta Have It" Canceled, Spike Lee Working On War Drama For Netflix 

It's a sad day for She's Gotta Have It fans as it is reported that Netflix has canceled the show after only two seasons. Spike Lee's remake of his cult classic film of the same name follows the story of Lee's 1986 original as it chronicled the polyamorous, artistic life of Nola Darling as she navigates through self-discovery, art, love, and unconventional relationships. DeWanda Wise starred as the principal character and acted alongside Ilfenesh Hadera, Anthony Ramos, Lyric Bent, Chyna Layne, Cleo Anthony, and Fat Joe. 

Ted Sarandos, the Chief Content Officer at Netflix issued a statement about the cancelation by saying, “Spike Lee is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time and we’re thrilled he brought the series She’s Gotta Have It(1986, based on his first feature film) to Netflix. While this is our last season, we’re very proud that it will be on our service for years to come, and excited to be working with Spike on his upcoming Netflix film Da 5 Bloods.”

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Lee's forthcoming Netflix film is reportedly about a group of friends who are also Vietnam War veterans. They return to the places where they faced tragedies in battle as they hunt for both the remains of a friend they lost in the war along with buried treasure. The film stars Giancarlo Esposito (who also worked with Lee on Do the Right Thing), Delroy Lindo (who worked with Lee on Malcolm XCrooklyn, Clockers), Clarke Peters (who worked with Lee on Red Hook Summer), and Isiah Whitlock Jr. (who worked with Lee on She Hate Me, 25th Hour, Red Hook Summer, Chi-Raq and BlacKkKlansman).

Lamar Odom Is Determined To "Break The Cycle" Of His Past, Announces MicDrop Partnership 

It's been a difficult road for Lamar Odom. He's battled trauma, pain, abuse, addictions, a near-death experience, and recovery. He is now facing a life without basketball, something that is counted as yet another loss, as it was recently announced that he's been deactivated from the BIG3 League. The former Los Angeles Lakers star shared his disappointment with the league's decision on Instagram, but he made it clear that he's walking away from his brief experience with a positive outlook.

Days later, the Darkness To Light best-selling author decided to be transparent with his 473,000 followers on IG in hopes of inspiring them with his story. "We think we live, but many of us we really don’t; we are on auto pilot," Odom wrote. "We are not even aware of this until conflict knocks down our doors. These moments or periods make us reflect back on ourselves. Who is really in control of my life? Me or my past? Have I become everything I hated? My beautiful escape from the pain of life has always been basketball. The first thing I did when I heard that my Mom passed away, was run to my childhood court in Lincoln park and escape there. Being deactivated from the Big 3 has made me realize that I can no longer depend on basketball to find emotional relief from the inevitable hurdles of life. I've made a decision to stop this time, reflect for real and not run away or escape - not into basketball or anything else."

Odom said that in this time, he's dedicated to rebuilding his relationships with his children because he doesn't want them to inherit his dysfunctions and traumas. "Together with my daughter Destiny and the mother of my children, Liza Morales, I am going to use this opportunity to connect to my children and break the cycle of my past," he wrote. "All three of us have been through extreme difficulties, individually and as a family, that we have not spoken about."

He also announced that he's partnered with MicDrop, a motivational public speaking firm that helps people heal through effective communication. The company shared a promo video starring Odom that begins with them asking if the sports star is happy. He responds by telling them no. When they ask why not, he quickly states that there are many reasons, none of which he wanted to talk about. Check it out below.

Teyana Taylor Goes Off On The Money Team Associate Who Allegedly Disrespected Her  

Someone unleashed the Teyana Taylor's' inner beast and she didn't care who witnessed it. Taylor was at an event minding her business when she got into a confrontation with members of Floyd Mayweather's The Money Team. A witness captured the moment on camera and viewers can see that whatever went down was serious because Taylor was squared up and ready. Another man attempted to quell the situation by standing in front of Taylor, but she made sure that her grievances were heard.

According to The Shade Room, Taylor asked one of the men from TMT a question, but instead of answering, he responded disrespectfully and called her out of her name. This angered the singer and she went off on him. After the social media outlet shared the Snapchat clip, Taylor jumped in the comments to clarify that she wasn't acting out of character over something insignificant.

"A persons tone can be at level 1 but DISRESPECT can be at level 100," she wrote. "Trust & believe if I’m going off on someone it’s w/ very good reasoning. I will not tolerate any disrespect from anyone, idc who the hell he work for." Snoop Dogg can be seen in the video clip standinig nearby, but he didn't seem to want to get involved in the altercation. He did, however, also share his thoughts on the situation in the video's comments.

"She from Harlem. Don’t. Play with my niece 💙💙," he wrote. Lil Duval said that this behavior isn't anything new. "That’s normal everyday teyana 😂😂😂😂😂," he joked.

Jermaine Dupri Explains "Stripper's Rapping" Remarks, Says He Wasn't Dissing Anyone 

So So Def icon Jermaine Dupri has been instrumental in helping to shape the careers of some of our favorite top-selling hip hop and R&B artists, but that doesn't make him above criticism. He recently told PEOPLE that he was unable to name his favorite female rapper in the game right now because, according to him, it seems as if they're all spitting bars about the same thing. He claimed that they all were "strippers rapping" and no one artist was trying to put themselves on the map as the best above the others.

The social media backlash was swift, and in the past week, there has been high-praise for talented female hip hop artists that have been long ignored or unnoticed. Dupri's bestie Da Brat flourished under his guidance, and when TMZ caught up with her, she stood by her friend, calling him a genius. "You should be thankful that the conversation is even started now, all female rappers, because now the focus is absolutely on us," Brat said. "New [artists], seasoned [artists], legends. All that." 

Finally, Dupri is clarifying his controversial comments. "I think it's something that's just been brewing before I was even asked the question," Dupri told TMZ. "I wasn't aware that it's been brewing. I tell people like...I saw what Cardi said. Cardi started her message off by basically saying, now that Jermaine Dupri has said it, I'm gonna address it. That means, to me, somebody had already said it to her or she's heard it before. So I just feel like it's something that people have already been talking about and for some reason [my comment] just became the loudest."

"There's a million artists rapping," he continued. "There's a million female artists that's out here rapping. Everybody continues to keep getting...what my statement was, was about the three that she asked me about. It wasn't about a general conversation about female rap, but everybody turned it into that. 'He said all female rappers sound like this!' And I'm like, I never said all female rappers. I never said that one time."

"The one thing I want to make clear on is people keep saying 'sexist.' I'm far from a sexist. Let's not do that. That's terrible." There are also no regrets on Dupri's part as far as the interview is concerned. He said he doesn't mind that he's become the verbal punching bag because he didn't diss anyone. He also mentioned that he's dropping a beat on his Soundcloud for female artists to grab so they can enter to be apart of his forthcoming cypher.

Master P Stands By His "Black Panther" Remarks, Discusses Black Artistic Ownership 

Hip hop mogul Master P regularly drops knowledge on the importance of ownership, especially as it pertains to black culture. During his press rounds for his latest film I Got The Hook Up 2, a movie that recently hit theaters last weekP dropped by The Breakfast Club and discussed a myriad of topics, including black filmmakers creating films both by and for the culture.

"You got to realize why it's so important," Master P said of black artists taking ownership of their work. "When we do a project like Black Panther, we didn't benefit off that man. Like, black people was in the movie and we were happy and excited, but it wasn't us." The responses to P's comment were divided, but in an interview with Rolling Out, P doubled down on his remarks.

"People don’t realize how important it is for us to own our own movies," the No Limit Records CEO told the outlet. "A lot of these movies are made about our lifestyles and we don’t benefit at the end. Yeah, we create a lot of stories, but how can we put money back in the community? We only own five percent of of the production budget in Hollywood...With Black Panther, we were so excited to see black faces in a movie of that magnitude. But after the movie made billions of dollars, how much came back to our community?"

P didn't seem all that concerned with those that had a problem with his Black Panther remarks because he dared them to find a lie in what he said. "I’ve been in the community 21 years giving back," the philanthropist said. "So if we don’t make successful projects, how can we give back, because they’re not going to give back to us. They’re not going to give back to the community. We have to invest in us. So I was able to give 126 people speaking roles in this movie. And we’re up for the Guinness Book of World Records for the most speaking roles in a theatrical film. That means that we are giving people opportunities."

Bushwick Bill's Son Criticizes Willie D's Interview, Stands Up For Late Father 

The legacy of the Geto Boys is undeniable, so when Bushwick Bill, real name Richard Stephen Shaw, succumbed to cancer last month, the hip hop world was saddened by his loss. Just prior to his death, Shaw spoke openly about wanting to secure his finances for his children by creating more music and writing a book. He even partnered with his Geto Boys groupmates for a tour, but Shaw backed out 24 hours prior to the kick-off.

Recently, Geto Boys member Willie D sat down with VladTV to share his insights into the Geto Boys and his time with Shaw, but not everyone appreciated what he had to say. Willie spoke openly about Shaw's reported battle substance abuse issues and shared how the two didn't like one another. Members of Shaw's family watched the interview and believed Willie was posthumously shading Shaw, so Shaw's son, Javon Boutte, decided to clear the air.

In an interview with the Murder Master Music Show, Javon said that respect and honor are important to his family, so he felt it necessary to speak up on behalf of his father. According to Javon, Shaw didn't end up going on his last tour because the other members of Geto Boys wanted to be paid, and that wasn't what the tour was about. There were also reports that the tour was supposed to be the "Bushwick Bill & Friends" tour but it kept being promoted as a "Geto Boys Tour."

"The reasons my dad didn't want to go on tour for first because of the name and second because of the pay," Javon stated. "They were trying to capitalize off his sickness and make money. The reason my dad wanted to go on tour was to do an 'F Cancer Tour' to help him with his cancer treatments because it was so serious. My dad is a hard-working man. He don't want donations he would rather go out on the road to earn money for his treatments. The other band members didn't want to do a free show to raise money to help him they wanted to make money when literally he is the one dying!"

Javon also said he felt as if Willie's VladTV interview painted a poor image of his father. "I saw those clips and I seen my dad give the last money out of his pocket to strangers," Javon shared. "I watched him do so many selfless acts. I went with my dad on the road to everywhere, we went to every hood in every state. He is a loving person." He went on to say that he believed Willie said certain things about Shaw because he was looking for attention. "With the solo albums from the Geto Boys everybody went platinum or gold except for Willie D. He never ever got plaques by himself, he never had his own identity. The only time he got plaques was with the Geto Boys. My dad, Scarface, Big Mike all went gold or platinum." 

"This worldwide group came up together and they are all as one. Why is one member bashing the other while he is not here?" Javon asked. "Even when my dad was here there was interviews of [Willie] bashing my dad and he didn't like that. It was always love with my dad."

Javon also said that it was Shaw who "put Willie D on" when he told J about both Willie D and Scarface. Listen to Javon's full interview below. You can also check out Willie D's VladTV interview clips here.

THEMXXNLIGHT Drop Off New Single "Need Your Love" 

THEMXXNLIGHT first came on our radars about a month ago. The Indian R&B singers made quite the impression when they appeared, not once, but twice on Wiz Khalifa's last project, Rolling Papers 2. Although the project itself wasn't Wiz's strongest, the collabs with THEMXXNLIGHT stood out. From there, they continued to release new music including "Faded" with Ye Ali" and "DFWM" with SAFE. Now, they follow it up with another smooth new single.

THEMXXNLIGHT came through with their new single, "Need Your Love" earlier today. The duo deliver a somber record reflecting on intoxicated thoughts. It's another solid record from them. Hopefully, the new single they released is a sign that we could expect their forthcoming project, XX, in the near future.

Peep the single below.

Quotable Lyrics
I've been waiting
Send me your location 
'Cause all day
I'm faded, never sober
Are you naked? I'm comin' over

"Storm Area 51" Event Will Be Livestreamed 

The #StormArea51 event has been making waves all across the internet. At this point, a million people have signed up to invade the American military base but no one is actually certain whether it'll actually happen or not. The Facebook event itself states it's a joke with a post on its page reading, "Hello US government, this is a joke, and I do not actually intend to go ahead with this plan. I just thought it would be funny and get me some thumbsy uppies on the internet." However, in the current state of America, it's uncertain whether the conspiracy theorists will actually take this opportunity to find out what the government's been hiding at Area 51. For anyone who doesn't plan on going, a Las Vegas entertainment company plans on having a live stream of the event.

Dan Callister/Getty Images

Las Vegas entertainment and event company Area 15 tweeted out that they'll be hosting a streaming event for #StormArea51, for anyone who isn't actually about that life. "Okay. Now we’re curious about the storming of #AREA51. We’re going to live stream the “event” here at #AREA15 to watch what goes down. And costumes & tin foil hats are required. Leave your info & we’ll send you the details," the tweet read along with a link to their website.

Even if anyone is willing to go on this mission, they should be warned that the U.S. Air Force is ready to "protect America and its assets."

Kevin Spacey's Sexual Assault Case Dropped In Massachusetts 

Kevin Spacey was one of the many men who got hit in the peak of the #MeToo movement, although his story was unique to most others. He was accused of sexually assaulting underage boys and once he was exposed, he took the opportunity to come out as gay. It's unsure who on his team thought that was an appropriate time to do so -- or if he thought people were outraged over his sexual preference -- but he was met with even more backlash. As more allegations came out, a waiter, who was 18-years-old at the time, sued Spacey for groping him at a job. Now, it appears that Spacey has managed to dodge any sort of criminal conviction for sexual assault.

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

TMZ reports Kevin Spacey's been cleared in the criminal case against him in Nantucket, Massachusetts "due to the unavailability of the complaining witness." This comes after the accuser dropped his civil lawsuit against the actor. Although there wasn't any reason as to why he decided to drop the case, there were more issues within the criminal case. The accuser plead the fifth this month after Spacey's attorney questioned him on deleted texts that could've worked in the actor's favor.

The boy who accused Spacey is the son of Boston TV anchorwoman Heather Unruh who made the allegations public in the first place. As for he texts, she reportedly told investigators that she deleted a few texts from his phone related to "frat boy activities."

Hoodrich Pablo Juan Assists DJ Champ On "M.O.N.E.Y" 

Hoodrich Pablo Juan is having a pretty solid run right now. In addition to collaborating with Sada Baby, Lil Gotit, Sosamann, and more, he's also fresh off of the release of B.L.O: The Movie. Even though the rapper released the project in early May, he continued to flood the streets with more music. This week alone, he released, "Myself" with Tay Keith, and earlier today, he released his new collaboration with two of Atlanta's rising stars, Lil GotIt, and Lil Keed. But he isn't done. He also linked up with DJ Champ for their new collab, "M.O.N.E.Y."

Hoodrich Pablo Juan is back with a second banger for the day. DJ Champ enlists Hoodrich for a dark banger that revolves around the world of money. From getting it out the trap to show money, Hoodrich Pablo Juan reflects on the various ways he's been getting it throughout his life on his new collab with Champ.

Peep below.

Quotable Lyrics
Money turns friends to enemies
Turn a good girl to a freak
Money that came out the rap, the trap
Fuck it, it's all in the streets

Ciara Channels Momma Shark While Milly Rocking To "Baby Shark" Remix 

If you have kids of your own or have young nieces and nephews, you're probably more than likely aware of the "Baby Shark." You've probably heard it a few times which is enough to have the song drilled into your memory. It became a global phenomenon that took over pop culture this year. Travis Scott was even seen turning up in the club to "Baby Shark" which we can only assume Stormi put him onto. 

Ciara's the latest celebrity to hop on the "Baby Shark" wave but she did it with her own twist. Here's the thing, Ciara can essentially make anything look good at this point but the fact that she busted a whole move over "Baby Shark" is pretty impressive. Mind you, she hit the Milly Rock with a remix to "Baby Shark" which, even in a minute-long clip, is more tolerable than the original. Her kids are definitely to thank for putting her onto the song. Maybe the remix she was dancing to will be included in the new Nickelodeon TV series based on the song.

Aside from Ciara's "Baby Shark" tribute, she recently celebrated her three-year anniversary with Russell Wilson earlier this month. Days later, Ciara revealed that she and Russell were hoping to expand their family in the near future. That probably means that "Baby Shark" will remain the backbone of their child-friendly playlists.