The Weeknd Mirrors Bloody "Blinding Lights" Visuals In "Jimmy Kimmel" Performance 

The Weeknd has officially established a trend of putting on extravagant, theatrical talk show performances in the wake of his return to music. After the singer dropped his back-to-back singles, "Heartless" and "Blinding Lights" at the end of November, marking his first drop in a year-and-a-half, he's been going hard to promote his new music. He gave a trippy, backstage performance of "Heartless" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in December, and now, he's returned to the late night circuit with the ultra-80s "Blinding Lights" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday.

Donning his new signature, Michael Jackson-inspired uniform and some serious facial injuries, The Weeknd mirrors the track's visuals, which dropped on Tuesday. The "Blinding Lights" video does bear a strong resemblance to the "Heartless" video, as they were both filmed on the same Las Vegas strip with Abel of course rocking the same red jacket ensemble. The former includes more violence, though, the results of which The Weeknd recreates in his live performance of the song with some bruising, bandages, and a bloodied nose. 

Before we can see these fresh wounds, though, Abel is kept in the dark as impending lightning flashes in the distance of the purple sunset background. Throughout the performance, he takes the title of the song quite literally, as there are moments where the lighting effects actually do blind him from viewers. This era of The Weeknd has already given us so much excellence, and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes revealed earlier this month that he and Neptunes partner, Pharrell Williams, have been working with The Weeknd to deliver even more. "We were just in the studio with The Weeknd, and that sounds really futuristic," he revealed.

J. Cole Daps Up LeBron James At Lakers Game, Fans React 

LeBron James is one of the biggest celebrities in the history of the NBA thanks to his contributions to the game and relevancy in pop culture. LeBron is known by pretty well everyone and his brand has been globalized. Whenever he plays in a big city, it's a big deal and now that he's in Los Angeles, his profile has been magnified immensely. Last night, LeBron and the Lakers were in New York to take on the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. MSG is filled with a plethora of celebrities on any given night. On Wednesday, it just so happened that J. Cole was in the building. 

At one point in the first half, LeBron went over to J. Cole where the two dapped each other up before James went right back into the game. Sitting right next to Cole was Spike Lee who had a brief exchange with LeBron later in the match.

After the exchange, fans took to Twitter to talk about the pleasantries. J. Cole is one of the biggest stars in hip-hop and just like LeBron, his brand is global. Seeing the two of them come together in the middle of a game was significant for a lot of people, even if the exchange last just a few seconds.

Here's what people had to say.

Rick Ross & Summer Walker's "Summer Reign" Video Is A Champagne-Filled Love Story 

In case you were unaware, Rick Ross is a spokesperson for Belaire Champagne. After watching the new video for his Port Of Miami II joint "Summer Reign," you'll get that point hammered into your head. 

Unleashing the brand new clip for "Summer Reign" with Summer Walker, Rick Ross has returned with some new content to promote his 2019 album. The film can be viewed as somewhat of a champagne-fueled love story, beginning with Rozay and a beautiful woman walking outside his Miami crib, enjoying sips from their Nipsey Hussle-branded Belaire bottles. If they decide they want a different flavor, no worries! There's also a bottle of the Lil Wayne-backed Bumbu on deck. In case you haven't already realized, there's a ton of strategic product placement in this video.

Ross' lavish lifestyle is on display in "Summer Reign." When he's not getting close to the aforementioned model, he can be seen getting his beard lined up in a dark room, laying a bunch of trust in his barber's hands and likely thinking about all the Belaire champagne that he's missing out on. 

Summer Walker, unfortunately, does not make an appearance. Watch the visuals above and let us know what you think. Which song from the album would you like to see a video for next?

LeBron James Roasted For His Pre-Game Outfit Prior To Lakers Win 

NBA players have become known for their fashion choices as of late although it's not always for the right reasons. Some of the league's biggest fashionistas are roasted by fans on a nightly basis because they wear clothes that are questionable, at best. Last night, it was LeBron James who was the subject of some ruthless roasts at the hands of NBA Twitter-dwellers. 

Prior to the game, the Los Angeles Lakers posted the outfits of LeBron James and Troy Daniels. Both men we wearing long coats in complete opposite colors. For instance, LeBron's was blue and Daniels' was pink. From there, LeBron had a colorful zip-up shirt and shoes to match. While there isn't anything wrong with these outfits, fans made sure to get their two cents in. 

It's important to note that the opinions of these fans don't really match up with our own. Every time an athlete wears an outfit that is even a tad outside the norm, fans have something negative to say about it. In most cases, these fans are the same people who still wear Ecko hoodies and boot cut jeans over some Osiris sneakers. Either way, we're sure LeBron and Daniels will survive these vicious roasts, just fine. 

Fabolous Reflects On Being "Pressed" By Beyonce Over Solange Punchline 

Fabolous has been a mainstay in the game for two decades, having transitioned from punchline aficionado to mixtape diety to a well-rounded artist. A few months removed from the release of his Summertime Shootout 3, Fab has kept the press tour alive with another stop on The Breakfast Club. Seeing as the album has already been given breathing room, the conversation is a little more free-flowing, even jovial. 

Around the thirty-seven minute mark, Fab opens up about some of the inherent dangers of being a punchline rapper. "Sometimes you say punchlines, and you may not even know the seriousness behind it," he explains. When Envy asks whether anyone ever pressed him about a punchline, Fab shares an interesting story. "You know who actually stopped me? Solange. It was some mixtape freestyle, and I said 'if you could have Beyonce would you take Solange? Luckily she didn't run down on me in an elevator."

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

"The first person I saw was B," he continues. "She was like 'let me holla at you.' I went over there and she was telling me they rock with me -- I didn't think when I was saying it, I didn't connect like that. With Beyonce, I ain't gonna share the exact conversation but she told me, these are people. Saying something like that could personally hurt her. I said 'I did it, and when I see Solange that I'll apologize to her. I ended up seeing her, years ago. I beelined to Solange to apologize. She was stiff. I was like 'ey what's up.'" He proceeds to mirror her cold response. "I was like, I didn't mean any malice but I apologize for it," he continues. "She was like, cool." 

Ever the optimist, Charlamagne points out that he got lucky and everyone has a laugh. "It really woke me up," he confesses. "Up until that point, I would say anything in a rap if it was catchy." Check it out for yourself below, and be sure to check out our own conversation with Fab right here

Chris Brown Unveils Huge New Colorful Hand Tattoo 

Virginia native Chris Brown is filling out his body with ink that represents the inside of his mind and his creative spirit. When he's not performing sold-out arena tours around the world, the global superstar can be found chilling around his Los Angeles residence with a can of spray paint in his hand, tagging some cool designs on the exterior of his crib and around the city as part of commissioned pieces. He's also a frequent tattoo parlour visitor, choosing to present himself in a matter that best shows who he is on the inside. Over the years, he's experimented with different looks, including some daring hairstyles, but the permanence of a tattoo doesn't seem to bother him one bit. This morning, Brown shouted out his tattoo artist after getting a bold new piece to cover his entire hand.

Tagging artist Ivana Belakova in his post, Chris Brown debuted a beautiful new artwork on his hand, which features bright shades of blue, yellow, pink, and green. The color tattoo is a brave decision from the recording artist, and he appears to be eternally grateful for the end result.

What do you think of CB's brand new tattoo? Are you a fan of it? Check out some more of Belakova's work on her social media pages.

Lakers' Dwight Howard Wants Kobe Bryant To Help Him In Dunk Contest 

Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard is making his return to the Dunk Contest next month, and he's reportedly hoping that Kobe Bryant will help him capture his second title. 

According to ESPN's Dave McMenamin, Howard is encouraging Laker Nation to convince Kobe to join him in Chicago in February. Following Wednesday night's victory over the New York Knicks, Howard told reporters (H/T ESPN), "I'm trying to get Kobe. So if I can get all the Laker fans to lobby to get Kobe to help me in the dunk contest, that'd be really good. That'd be awesome."

Howard added that he hasn't formally asked Kobe yet, but he is hopeful that the Lakers fanbase will be able to badger the Black Mamba to the point that he'll agree to help.

 "Have I asked him? Not yet," he said, per ESPN. "Just got to get the fans behind me first. Setting the table. Need you guys. 'Hey, Kobe, can you get in the dunk contest with Dwight?' That'd be great."

The 34-year old center headlined some of the most memorable Dunk Contest competitions against Nate Robinson during a three-year run from 2007-09, including a championship in 2008. It has been over a decade since he last competed but he believes he's in the best shape of his career and more than capable of putting on a show at the United Center on February 15th.

"I just felt like I'm in the best shape I've been in my whole career," Howard said. "So why not go out there and give it, give it 135 percent, and see what happens?"

"What am I excited about? Just being in the atmosphere," he said. "It's been a long time. I got some pretty good dunks, things ready to go. Just can't wait to get out there, enjoy the atmosphere and try to put on a great show for all our fans. Try to make this 2020 dunk contest the best ever."

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Reunite At Disney World After His Petty Thirst Trap Response 

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner may have parted ways as a couple last fall, but they were always adamant about maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship for the sake of their daughter, Stormi. However, that doesn't mean that they can't act in the name of pettiness towards each other every once in awhile, which is exactly what Travis seemed to be thinking when he responded to Kylie's year-end IG thirst trap with a very loaded, passive aggressive "Lol" on his story shortly after she posted her photo. The two exes have not been seen together since the snide, indirect comment was made, and reportedly kept their distance from each other afterwards. However, they were caught flirting in his IG comments in the new year following Travis' jab, and Kylie even used an unreleased track of his in her cosmetics ad for The Stormi Collection. Now, it looks like the former couple have smoothed things over completely, as they made their first public appearance of 2020 together while accompanying almost-2-year-old Stormi to Disney World on Wednesday.

The trio were spotted taking a ride on Peter Pan's Flight in the Magic Kingdom, their first public appearance as a family since trick-or-treating at Halloween. The trip to the Orlando theme park was reportedly an early birthday treat for Stormi, who turns two on February 1st. Kylie, Travis, and Stormi were joined by some of the Kardashian clan, including Kourtney Kardashian, her daughter Penelope, Kim and Kanye's daughter North, and grandma Kris. Despite their reconciliation, there's no word on whether Kylie and Travis plan on getting back together just yet.

Shaq's Son Shareef O'Neal Announces He's Leaving UCLA 

Shareef O'Neal, the oldest son of NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal, has announced his decision to transfer from UCLA. The Bruins freshman, who missed all of last year after undergoing heart surgery, averaged just 2.2 points and 2.9 rebounds in 13 games this season.

O'Neal didn't give a specific reason for his decision, nor did he reveal which school he intends to enroll at next. That said, he made sure to thank the University, Bruins fans, and former head coach Steve Alford who recruited him to UCLA in 2018.

His statement reads, in part:

"My parents have always taught me that transparency is the best form of communication. It is in this spirit I announced today my departure from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)."

"I’m looking forward to the next chapter, whatever that may be. And a very special thanks to the UCLA fans for your continued support these past two years. You truly have been the strength that sustained me." 

"I would like to give special thanks to Coach Steve Alford who recruited me here, Coach Cronin for developing me, and the awesome medical staff for giving me a second chance at fulfilling my dreams of playing on the next level. A part of my heart will always be at UCLA figuratively and literally."

The 20-year old forward was highly recruited in the Class of 2018 and had drawn interest from Kentucky as well as Arizona. In fact, he had originally committed to Arizona before changing his mind and signing with UCLA. We'll have to wait and see where he'll get his next opportunity. 

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Juice WRLD's Family Reveals Posthumous Music Plans In New Statement 

The first posthumous feature from Juice WRLD was rightfully allotted to Eminem, the late Chicago rapper's idol, on his brand new album Music To Be Murdered By. Even better -- it was revealed this week that the song in question, "Godzilla," earned a new world record for Eminem, placing Juice WRLD in the Guinness books as well. While his contributions to the song didn't net him the "fastest rapper ever" title, it's still bittersweet for such an accomplishment to even be attached to the late star. After his cause of death was revealed yesterday, marking an accidental drug overdose from codeine and oxycodone, Juice WRLD's family has issued a statement where they detail the plans for his future posthumous releases, as well as a tribute planned in his hometown.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

"From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank each and every one of you for your undivided adoration and love for Juice," wrote the rapper's family and his team at Grade A. "You guys meant the entire world to Juice and by listening to his music, watching his videos and sharing your stories about him, you are keeping his memory alive forever. We plan to honor Juice's talents, his spirit, and the love he felt for his fans by sharing unreleased music and other projects that he was passionately in the process of developing. There will be a public tribute in Chicago, details will be shared soon."

A number of Juice WRLD's unreleased songs leaked onto the internet this weekend. The man was known for his incredible work ethic in the studio, often freestyling handfuls of songs on a nightly basis. He certainly has a vast catalog stashed away in the vault for his closest collaborators and family to sift through and determine what would fit his vision best for any posthumous work.

Rest in power, Juice WRLD.

T.I., Gucci Mane, DJ Pauly D Announced For Drai’s “Big Game Weekend” In Vegas 

There will be no shortage of parties during the weekend of Super Bowl LIV, but none bigger than what Drai's Nightclub has in store. The popular nightclub at The Cromwell in Las Vegas has announced a weekend-long party in celebration of The Big Game, featuring performances by T.I., Gucci Mane and DJ Pauly D from Friday, January 31st to Sunday, February 2nd.

Pauly D, the Jersey Shore legend and resident DJ at The Drai's, will kickoff "Big Game Weekend" on the 31st, followed by a performance from T.I. on Saturday, February 1st. The festivities will conclude on the day of the big game, February 2nd, with Gucci Mane performing live at Drai's.

Drai’s Nightclub offers a multi-level rooftop club with more than 75 luxurious bottle service tables, and access to the world’s most celebrated DJs and chart-topping resident performers. Drai’s Nightclub opens at 10:30 p.m. from Friday to Sunday. Admission pricing for the events during "Big Game Weekend" starts at $40 for women and $60 for men. More information is available at

Calboy Drops Off A Loosie With "DEAD$"  

Last year found Calboy introducing himself in a major way, releasing his breakout album Envy Me to critical acclaim. Driven by bangers like the titular track and the star-studded "Chariot," Calboy managed to stand out in an array of melodic newcomers. Now, he's gearing up to continue that momentum. This morning, the Dreamchaser hit up SoundCloud to deliver a loosie, keeping with their expected length limitations. 

In truth, the stymied runtime keeps "DEAD$" from its full potential. The track realistically has a lot going for it, with a layered instrumental from IAmZillaSuper and a passionate performance from Calboy himself. Yet this one feels like what it is, and though there is charm in a SoundCloud loosie, Calboy shines when he's given room for refinement. That's not to say this one falters, it's still plenty enjoyable. "We started this shit in a basement yeah, got this shit straight out the pavement yeah," he raps. "He want the smoke I'ma take it there."

Quotable Lyrics

We started this shit in a basement yeah
Got this shit straight out the pavement yeah
He want the smoke I'ma take it there

Air Jordan 4 "Air Max" Coming Later This Year: First Look 

Back in the summer of 2019, there were reports that Jordan Brand would be coming through with an Air Jordan 4 colorway that paid homage to the OG Air Max 95 "Neon." At the time, there was nothing but a photoshop rendering of what this sneaker would look like. Now, we are firmly in 2020 and initial images are starting to hit the internet. Thanks to @zsneakerheadz, we have four images of the shoe including the rumored release date.

As you can see from the post below, the shoe is a perfect recreation of the Air Max 95 model. Starting at the top going all the way to the midsole, the shoe features different shades of grey that get darker the lower you go on the sneaker. Neon yellow is placed on the lace holders as well as the Jumpman logo on the tongue. From there, Nike Air branding is placed on the back which will certainly appeal to all of the OGs out there.

For now, these are slated to drop on March 21st of 2020 for $225 USD in men's sizes. These will also be coming in Grade School sizes for $160 USD. Let us know in the comments below what you think and whether or not you plan on copping.

Terrell Owens Threatens To Expose Donovan McNabb In Scathing Rant 

Get ya popcorn ready!

Former Philadelphia Eagles teammates Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens are currently engaged in a war of words, stemming from McNabb's comments in an interview with Bleacher Report’s Master Tes. In short, McNabb says T.O. was a "major distraction" and he blames the Hall of Fame wide receiver for breaking the Eagles up.

Now, Terrell Owens has entered the chat.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Owens took to twitter last night to respond to McNabb's criticism, and boy did he have plenty to say. In addition to calling McNabb a joke, T.O blamed the "jealous ass" QB for being the reason he didn't return to the Eagles. He also threatened to expose McNabb for engaging in unsavory activities at his parties.

"Let me know when u want to hear the truth!! Did u ask him about those DUIs and what he was doing at the parties I threw at my house during “our time” in Philly?!! Hmmm Don’t worry, I’ll tell ya!!"

Check out Owens' twitter rant below, and stay tuned because there will surely be more to come.

Doja Cat Proves Her Versatility On "Boss Bitch" Off The "Birds Of Prey" Soundtrack 

When it was announced earlier this month that Doja Cat would be among the artists featured on the official Birds of Prey soundtrack dropping on February 7th, the moment couldn't come soon enough. Though Megan Thee Stallion and Normani dropped their collab, "Diamonds," for the soundtrack ahead of the film's release, but there was no guarantee that any other ladies on the hip-hop-heavy tracklist would be following in their footsteps. It was a pleasant surprise, then, when Doja revealed on Wednesday that her single, "Boss B*tch," from the film would be dropping on Thursday. The moment has arrived, and truth be told, Doja has absolutely smacked us over the head and delivered excellence with this track.

Spitting energetically over an infectious house beat, Doja's flow on "Boss B*tch" is reminiscent of an early Azealia Banks, particularly on the second pre-chorus. Of course, the track approaches the film's girl power messaging with a braggadocious, unapologetic attitude mirroring the core theme executed in "Diamonds" both lyrically and sonically, though with less seduction and more intimidation. The "Juicy" rapper even seems to give a shoutout to one of her Birds of Prey soundtrack-mates in the line, "I been a stallion, you been a seahorse."

What "Boss B*tch" serves to do, if nothing else, is to reaffirm Doja's ability to adapt. She is constantly reinventing herself with a yet another new sound, and this track just further proves her versatility as an artist.

Quotable Lyrics

You ain't even here to party
Ken in the club tryna pipe a Barbie
I don't wanna go go go with the flow
Back bend till I touch my toes
I don't wanna row row row the boat
Wrist full of rocks and I hope I float

Zion Williamson Reacts To His First Game With The Pelicans: Watch 

Zion Williamson finally made his NBA debut last night after a knee injury kept him out for months. Williamson went into the game with a lot of hype surrounding him so there was pressure to be one of the best players on the court. While on a minutes restriction, Williamson didn't disappoint as he scored 22 points and 7 rebounds in just 18 minutes of action. This included 17-straight points in the fourth quarter which gave his team the lead. Head coach Alvin Gentry eventually removed Zion from the game and the Pelicans lost. 

After the game, Zion was asked about his debut and what he thought about the entire ordeal. The game was played in New Orleans and Williamson received a ton of love from the crowd. Zion recognized all of it and was grateful for his warm reception.

“It was everything I dreamed of, except the losing part," Williamson said. "The energy the city brought, it was electric. I’m just grateful they did that. It was a dream come true.”

As the season goes on, Williamson will continue to be on a minutes restriction thanks to his proneness for injuries. The Pelicans want to make sure their investment is safe for the long haul which you can't blame them for. Hopefully, Williamson can get himself to 100 percent so he can dominate the league for years to come.

Lil Wayne Begins Album Rollout With "Funeral" Teaser Clip 

Rap's legends are killing us off one by one. Last week, Eminem surprised the world by dropping his latest album, Music To Be Murdered By, out of absolutely nowhere. He enlisted stars like the late Juice WRLD, Don Toliver, Royce Da 5'9", Skylar Grey, and many others to help him live out his current vision. For months, another iconic figure in the game has been hinting at his next impactful musical appearance with Lil Wayne beginning to mention his hotly-anticipated Funeral project. Originally announced years ago, it would appear as though the New Orleans star is prepping the body of work for our ears and, today, he came through with an official teaser for the album.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Posting a looped clip that, let's face it, doesn't reveal much, Lil Wayne hinted that his next album Funeral could be coming "soon." In the caption for his post, Tunechi included a coffin emoji, which he has been using for the last little while to subtly promote the upcoming project. 

A couple of Tune's famous friends are excited about this quasi-announcement, including YFN Lucci and 2 Chainz who both commented on the upload. Do you think they could be featured guests? While this doesn't offer much insight into the album plan, it's pretty exciting to see that Weezy is working on some new heat, filling out his legacy with even more vibes and potentially topping himself another time. Are you excited?

Yo Gotti Gets His Acronym On With "H.O.E (Heaven On Earth)" 

Though a quick glance at the video's thumbnail may suggest a politically-themed moment of reflection, the opening brass section makes short work of those notions. Southern to the core, what sounds like the devil's own tuba blares a boisterous riff, the perfect anthem for Yo Gotti to make his national address. "Shorty thick thick," he raps, in the introductory bars. "We fuck her friend together, that's my bitch-bitch / I heard you hit her raw, you taking risk-risks." Sex education like you've never seen it before.

Achieving title in the chorus, Yo Gotti proudly declares himself to be a "hoe," seemingly on some pure Amber Rose's Slutwalk energy. But such labels do come with a warning: if you call him one to his face, expect smoke to follow. But first, some misconceptions cleared. That's not to say he's not into romance. "I beat it up, she wipe me down, then we cuddle-cuddle," he raps, clearly having some fun with it; in fact, the entire repetitive rhyme scheme makes for some hilarious lines throughout. Check out the playful banger for yourself, and sound off in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

I beat it up, she wipe me down, then we cuddle-cuddle
Her ex a real busta, her friend a real swiper
My bitch a real boss, your ho ain't nothin like her!

Zion Williamson's "Bayou Boys" Air Jordan 34 PE Releasing Soon 

Zion Williamson made his long-awaited NBA debut on Wednesday night and you know Jordan Brand wasn't going to let him take the court in any old colorway.

In celebration of Zion's first game in New Orleans, the rookie laced up a gold "Bayou Boys" Air Jordan 34 PE, featuring both metallic and alligator accents. According to Nike, "the reflective faux gator material is inspired by Williamson's play in the Bayou State and by his aggressive playing style, punctuated by the sharp teeth at the base of the tongue."

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Of the Air Jordan 34, Zion says: “When you put on some Jordans fresh out the box, people know what it is. The 34 delivers on all of that. I felt the benefit of the Eclipse Plate from the moment I put it on. A shoe that has this much technology, while staying minimal, makes a difference in my game, whether I’m flying down the court or dunking.”

The special edition "Bayou Boys" Air Jordan 34 will be available in March. Scroll down for some additional photos.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

LeBron James Asked If He'd Play For Knicks If They Draft Bronny 

LeBron James in his 17th season in the NBA and at 35 years old, appears to still have plenty of gas left in the tank. It remains to be seen how much longer he's going to play although fans are optimistic that he will be in the league until at least 40. LeBron's oldest son, Bronny, is 15 years old and is currently impressing scouts with his play for Sierra Canyon high school. There is a chance Bronny could end up playing in the NBA one day and some members of the media are trying to drum up some hype for when that day may come.

After barely beating the New York Knicks last night, LeBron was asked by New York media if he would consider playing for the Knicks should they draft Bronny in a few years from now. LeBron seemed pretty put off by the question and brushed it off saying "my son is in the 9th grade, man."

It remains to be seen how Bronny will develop over the next few years. Quite frankly, it's weird to see so many pundits making serious comments about Bronny and his skillset. At 15 years old, there are still plenty of factors at play when it comes to how good he's going to be. Either way, it's too early to know for sure where he'll end up.