Baka Not Nice Counts It "Up" On His Latest Banger

Drake's OVO label has been relatively stagnant this year, with the exception of the Top Boy soundtrack, and the previously released Drake projects that made their way onto streaming services. Baka Not Nice has probably been one of the most active members on the roster this year, appearing on the Top Boy soundtrack (with a previously released single) and performing at OVO Fest, along with the release of his three-track project, no long talk.

Today, he dropped off his first single since the release of his short EP with "Up." The Toronto rapper's otherwise gruff voice is sauced up in auto-tune as he bends his voice on a higher tone over an airy instrumental as he flexes the high-life. "I spent $100K and I'm up/ You spent $100K and you broke," he raps on the song.

Quotable Lyrics
I go to dealership, I count it up
I took it from the show, mount it up
Why you, why you flossin' and you can't keep up?
Why your rock them chains if you gon' keep them tucked?

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