Father Blesses Fans With New Track "A Lot On Ur Plate"

Father has linked up with producer Meltycanon again for a new track titled, “A Lot On Ur Plate.” Father floats over the playful, dreamy beat with quick, drug-related, sensual bars, “Make her switch up on all her friends, then we’re gonna fuck all of your friends,” is just the beginning. The track rounds out at two-minutes and nineteen-seconds, and that’s all Father needs to get his point across. There’s a girl with a lot of baggage but he still wants to be with her, “I know you got a lot on your plate but, I still want to take you to dinner and put dick in your tummy.”

The song comes paired up with a trippy music video that subtlely edits the world around Father as he raps his bars in a mansion populated by beautiful women. Odd moments such as a girl wearing a mask that resembles a plague doctor allude to an Eyes Wide Shut lifestyle and Father’s humor. Definitely make sure to check out the video as well as the song below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I make this line unforgettable
I put a perc on a pedestal
Eat out a bitch like an edible

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