IDK Drops "Rain" Cover As A Tribute To His Mother

Do you remember the SWV (Sisters With Voices) hit, “Rain,” from 1997? Do you remember the smooth, angelic singing over the sound of raindrops? If so, you’ll recognize IDK’s newest song. In celebration of his mother's birthday, the Maryland rapper has released a cover of the classic R&B track, which was one of her favorite songs. He’s forgone the raindrop beat and opted for a more emotional tone. While it’s not a typical sound IDK fans have come to expect from the rapper, he certainly holds his own on this sincere ballad. 

The song comes alongside a heartfelt tribute video to his mother, Julia Lynch. The opening shot is a picture of her with the words “RIP Julia Lynch. AKA… Mom.” The camera then cuts to IDK digging a hole and subsequently planting a tree on a beach at sunset. It’s a beautiful, uninterrupted shot that encapsulates the emotion of the track. Under the video, IDK left a message about his mother, “Today is my mother’s birthday. As some of you know, I lost my mother on March 3rd, 2016. It’s something I struggled with for some time and until this album, I haven’t been able to tell anyone how she passed. My album 'Is he real' is the first time I keep it 100% about what took her away. Part of me wants to dwell in the fact that I won’t get to see her in this lifetime. The other part of me wants to celebrate her life. It all depends on the day.”

Reddit users seem impressed with the offering, one commenting, “I think it was a powerful video, can’t imagine how it feels to lose a parent. I’m sure his mom is proud of him. Good on him for dedicating this to her.” 

Be on the lookout for IDK’s major-label debut, Is He Real?, releasing on September 4th.

Quotable Lyrics

Sometimes it's soft as a misty rain
That gently touches my soul
It cools the fire that burns in me
And I simply lose control

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