Jagged Edge Releases Visual To Love Ballad "Closest Thing To Perfect"

Back in March, R&B hitmakers Jagged Edge returned with a new single titled "Closest Thing to Perfect." The ballad-singing quartet has topped the charts with singles like "Let's Get Married," "Where The Party At," "Promise," and "I Gotta Be," and they're hoping that their latest track will give them another hit.

In the song, the men sing their ways into women's hearts as they list all of the reasons why their leading ladies are the best thing to happen to them. The visual shows an array of scenes where there are female dancers, ATV riders, and the men singing their hearts out in abandoned buildings. The group recently revealed that their forthcoming album, their 10th, is titled A Jagged Love Story and drops July 15. 

"For the past nine albums, we did 12, 13 or 14 songs on the project," group member Richard Wingo reportedly said. "This album is going to be a double album, you’re going to get 21 Jagged Edge records. We’re doing it because this is our 10th album, and this is a milestone for us. Plus we’ve never done it before, and we’re big on still trying to set the bar. We’re trying to top every project. We just wanted it to be special, 20+ years in the business. Our fans are still here with us, we just wanted to give them a treat."

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