Joji Calls Out To His Lover, & "Sanctuary" In His New Single

New York based producer, rapper, and singer, Joji (AKA George Miller) has released his first single of 2019, “Sanctuary.” The track is the first the eccentric musician has post his 2018 album, BALLADS 1, and shows the 88rising star continuing to hone his musicality, and utilize the full extent of his vocal range with harmonized falsettos over a synth-fueled melody. Since leaping to his feet, the 88rising member continues to experiment with different musical perspectives, and despite the fact that he has stuck to his what he's good at (another love-laced ballad) there’s a noticeable shift in Joji’s lyricism.

The "Yeah Right" rapper and singer takes a break from frank, and uncomplicated confessions to more poetically abstract verses. “Souls that dream alone lie awake / I’ll give you something so real.” As he looks to give genuine love and honesty, he assures his potential lover he has found it in her, and that the comfort she proves as a circumstance is a "sanctuary." “Not anyone, you’re the one / More than fun, you’re the Sanctuary / Cause what you want is what I want / Sincerity.”

In his call to his potential lover, Joji provides a paradox in of itself, as he cries out for an individual to come to him and propose their love for him instead of waiting for reciprocation, whilst simultaneously he is doing the same. The Japanese/American artist emphasizes his signature falsetto with a lightness to his vocals, perfectly portraying his impassioned cry for a "real" love and connection.

Quotable Lyrics:
If you've been waiting for fallin’ in love
Babe, you don't have to wait on me
'Cause I've been aiming for Heaven above
But an angel ain't what I need

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