Lil West Flexes His Newfound Success On Dark Banger "Pay Me"

Delaware rapper Lil West dropped his brand new project VEX Part 2 last night and fans are already loving his brand of dark moody trap songs. On this latest EP, West is sounding as focused as ever and one of the standouts of the project is the solo track called "Pay Me." West has always been knowing for wearing his emotions on his sleeve with his music and this song is absolutely no exception.

Throughout the track, West talks about his rise to success and how he wishes to be treated like a somebody. He's had enough of being looked at as a nobody and is looking for the love and affection that comes with being a rap star. The dark atmospheric beat works perfectly with West's deep inflection. 

Stream the track below and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Cover my scars up with a bandage
Don't try to fall in love and then panic
Baby, I'm a star I'm used to all of the cameras
I got gwap don't treat me like I'm an average

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