Lykke Li Features Lil Baby In A Remixed "Sex Money Feelings Die"

Last year, one of the game's most understated songwriters, Lykke Li, released her aptly titled so sad so sexy project. The album was a testament to the complexities of emotional connection, and showcased Li's iconic breezy voice and deeply personal lyrics. Production-wise, it was an exercise in minimalism, with sparse percussive landscapes and retro synth work.

The album's single, "sex money feelings die," was the pinnacle of the experiment, with Li lyrically flexing her distinctive sound over an eighties nostalgia trip. Now, the artist is back, one year later, with a remixed version of the track, employing Atlanta rapper, Lil Baby (as well as alternative/indie musician Snowsa) to give a hip-hop spin to the original. “When I get there have it nice and wet, can’t stay long got a flight to catch,” Baby raps in his no strings attached verse. “Great sex always ends with chat, no feelings here I don’t care who’s next.”

The beat, which is produced by Malay and DJ Dahi, is not too different from the original, but adds a slightly more foot-tapping, upbeat element to the track. If the first version was a vibe, this remix sets an ever chiller mood, creating a uniquely hip-hop/alternative song for those seeking something beyond the realm of typical hip-hop.

Quotable Lyrics:

Late night
Call you in the late night
Trade love for one night
Two pills and a red wine
Tough love but I know I don't mind

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