PeeWee Longway Goes For The Neck On "Wakanda"

Peewee Longway is gearing up to release his new album The Blue M&M 4, and many have been touting the dexterous rapper as one to watch. And for good reason; with a versatile flow and consistent artistic evolution on every project, all signs point to his biggest drop thus far. Setting it off is album opener "Wakanda," in which our protagonist draws inspiration from King T'Challa himself. "Pull up in the Coupe I'm in the panther like Wakanda," he raps, on the track's chorus. Not long after, he declares his intention of "making his trap great again with Donald Trump and Melania." 

Clearly, the man has a penchant for animated references, and a keen sense of humor to match. Yet at his core, Longway is peddling genuine street narratives beneath the comedic trappings, which ultimately makes his music that much more refreshing. It doesn't hurt that his flow is that of an experienced veteran, switching up and discovering new pockets as the instrumental progresses. Check this one out now, and be sure to look for Peewee's Blue M&M 4, dropping later this year.

Quotable Lyrics

I said the stunnas, I got Wakanda seats inside the phantom
Pullin in and out of Steak n Shake, trap in Atlanta
Might serve you Gumbo, can't block these shots Mutombo

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