Skooly Comes Through With His Latest Banger "Gifted"

Skooly's one of Atlanta's best-kept secrets. Although he hasn't broken into a mainstream artist, he's connected with -- and possibly influenced -- many of the greatest exports out of the ATL in recent times. It's been a few months since he's dropped off any new music but thankfully, he's back with a brand new cut.

Skooly's back with his latest drop, "Gifted." The rapper's latest track finds him leaning towards more a trap sound rather than the R&B blend that he's known for. His auto-tuned is turned up and he still delivers infectious earworms throughout the song. Hopefully, "Gifted" is a sign that this fall will see the release of a new project from the ATL native.

Keep your eyes peeled for more new music from Skooly.

Quotable Lyrics
Ain't none of them n***as as hot as me
Them n***as be trippin', they gotta be
'Cause you can get hit like that lottery
My brother was whippin' that shit like it's pottery
This is some shit that you gotta see
My water from out of seas

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