Skyzoo Takes On Pete Rock Production From '94 On "It's All Good"

Skyzoo and Pete Rock have announced that they'll be releasing a joint project with their latest joint, "It's All Good." Skyzoo flexes his lyrical prowess over classic Pete Rock production from the vault, dating back to 1994. Skyzoo smoothly flows over Pete Rock's sample-based production. Skyzoo brings back a nostalgic feel with his performance on the track as delivers the classic feel of NYC hip-hop.

"'The crazy thing about this beat is that I made it in '94," Skyzoo said about Pete Rock's explanation of the beat. "'This beat is 25 years old. I never retouched it or re-did it. It came out of the SP-1200. This was when I was making "The World Is Yours" and those sessions.'"

Given that it was made around the same time as Nas' Illmatic cut, Skyzoo said that this project is made for people who are in love with that era of hip-hop. "It's a New York album, but whether or not you're from New York, you're going to love it," he said. "[It's] storytelling and production from a top-three producer ever, but it's not dated. It's just if the sound of the hip-hop we grew up on continued to be at the forefront and elevated."

Quotable Lyrics
Fourteen, hearin' that 'All We Need' just to get a curb
Shorties used to turn down The Henny, it make they titties burn
Crown draped over my dome before I could get a word
Ever since they drawn down my block carryin' Biggie urn

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