WWE Announces "King Of The Ring" Tournament Participants

WWE's "King Of The Ring" tournament will return next Monday, August 19, marking the first time the event has taken place since 2015.

Old school wrestling fans will recall that the King Of The Ring was once a popular PPV event in itself, but it ultimately got lost in the shuffle during the '90s as WWE grew to include other PPV events throughout the year.

As seen in the trailer video above, the 2019 King Of The Ring Tournament will include eight Raw superstars and eight SmackDown Live superstars. One would assume the bracket will be split between the two brands, leading to a final bout between a member of Raw and a member of SmackDown, although WWE has not yet announced any of the matchups.

The festivities will kick off on the August 19 edition of Raw, but the tournament will likely span over multiple episodes of both shows. Worth noting: WWE's next PPV event, Clash of Champions, is scheduled for September 15, which is just one month away. That could be a fitting culmination of the tournament, but we'll have to wait and see how WWE goes about their business.

In the meantime, here are the participants:

  • Baron Corbin (Raw)
  • Elias (Raw)
  • Cedric Alexander (Raw)
  • Drew McIntyre (Raw)
  • Ricochet (Raw)
  • Sami Zayn (Raw)
  • Samoa Joe (Raw)
  • The Miz (Raw)
  • Ali (SmackDown)
  • Andrade (SmackDown)
  • Apollo Crews (SmackDown)
  • Buddy Murphy (SmackDown)
  • Chad Gable (SmackDown)
  • Kevin Owens (SmackDown)
  • Shelton Benjamin (SmackDown)
  • Cesaro (SmackDown)

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