YBN Nahmir Goes Off On His Latest Track "Tweak"

YBN Nahmir came into the game swinging with his viral anthem, "Rubbin Off The Paint." Since then, he's released a ton of other singles, raked up plaques, and collaborated with some of the biggest names. The interesting part about YBN Nahmir is that he's yet to release his own project.  YBN: The Mixtape arrived last fall which helped put a bigger spotlight on both YBN Cordae and YBN Almighty Jay who've been also putting in a ton of work recently. Now, Nahmir returns with his latest track, "Tweak."

YBN Nahmir is aiming to have another hit in the club. The rapper came through with his new single "Tweak" earlier today along with its accompanying music video. Nahmir delivers another bouncy record over a hard-hitting trap beat. His latest single follows the release of Baby 8 which arrived in March.

Quotable Lyrics
Bitch, I'm swervin' off
Watch me press the gas and then get to burnin' off
Diamonds on my teeth, I'mma go get 'em when the braces off
Made a hunnid racks, it took me off and turned me to a boss

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