YG Hangs With Trio Of Nude Women To Promote Summer Merch 

YG created an entire brand with his 4Hunnid gang. The rapper has marketed himself flawlessly, bringing his name value from the streets, to the microphone, and to the cutting room floor. The Young Gangsta from Bompton recently released his new album 4REAL 4REAL, which was pushed back a couple of times after the death of Nipsey Hussle. YG was shaken up and felt it would have been disrespectful to put out music so soon after his friend was taken away, and while it never could have been the right time, he chose May 24 as his official release date. Now that his rollout is complete, the rapper is finding new ways to keep his fans engaged. Namely, the 4Hunnid clothing branch is striving and YG knows exactly what will get people to click.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

After wiping the majority of his social profile, YG uploaded a photo of himself and three naked women, censoring their nipples with tiny white scribbles. Although the girls have been somewhat covered up, the image is still far too NSFW for us to post here. You'll see why. Peep it here.

YG has been caught up in a shooting that reportedly involved his SUV. His home was raided earlier today and we're waiting to find out exactly what will happen to the rapper. He has maintained his innocence thus far. In other YG-related news, the artist recently welcomed his second baby girl into the world. Congratulations!

Giannis Antetokounmpo Believes Younger Brother Alex Can Surpass Him 

Giannis Antetokounmpo just came off of an incredible season with the Milwaukee Bucks where he won NBA MVP and also led his team to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Greek Freak is a generational talent who is set up to dominate the league for years to come. His Bucks are considered favorites in the Eastern Conference and it doesn't look like they are showing any signs of slowing down. The team recently signed his brother Thanasis to a contract and today, Bleacher Report released a profile on his 17-year-old brother, Alex.

In the profile, Giannis claims that Alex is poised to make the NBA and even has the potential to surpass him as a superstar player.

“I definitely think Alex can be better than me,” Antetokounmpo said. “He stays motivated. He wants this. That’s what makes him special. He’s not satisfied.”

Giannis explained in a recent interview that he's only reached 60 percent of his potential which means the league should be on high alert. As for Alex Antetokounmpo, he's not interested in trying to be better than his big brother. 

“My end goal is not to be better than Giannis,” Alex said. “My end goal is to be the best version of my own self. I just happen to think that the best version of my own self could possibly surpass what my brother’s doing right now, which — I don’t even think that’s the best version of him.”

Nike Kyrie 5 x SpongeBob Pack Release Date Announced 

Nike and Kyrie Irving are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the hit Nickelodeon tv series SpongeBob SquarePants with the release of several special edition sneakers. 

Kyrie recently unveiled five different colorways as part of the collection, which includes Kyrie 5s inspired by SpongeBob, Patrick Star and Squidward, as well as Nike Kyrie Low 2s in honor of Sandy and Mr. Krabs. Nike has today announced that the SpongeBob and Patrick Kyrie 5s will be releasing via SNKRS on August 10. Each colorway will retail for $130.

Naturally, the SpongeBob Kyrie 5 features a yellow sponge inspired upper complete with hits of white and red, referencing the beloved character's shirt and tie. A gum outsole sits beneath the build, just like his patented shorts.

Meanwhile, the "Patrick Star" Kyrie 5 is highlighted by it's pink construction, yellow midsole and "Patrick Star" detailing behind the tongue. Both colorways come equipped with Nickelodeon branding on the tongue shroud with "NIKE" text on the heel inspired by the show title's font.

Take a look at the official images below, and mark your calendars for August 10.

Nike Kyrie 5 SpongeBob/Nike

Nike Kyrie 5 SpongeBob/Nike

Nike Kyrie 5 SpongeBob/Nike

Nike Kyrie 5 SpongeBob/Nike

Nike Kyrie 5 Patrick Star/Nike

Nike Kyrie 5 Patrick Star/Nike

Nike Kyrie 5 Patrick Star/Nike

Nike Kyrie 5 Patrick Star/Nike

Nike Kyrie 5 Patrick Star/Nike

Kyoto Animation Studios Arson Attack Leaves 33 Dead In One Of Japan's "Worst Mass Murders" 

Violent crime is extremely rare in Japan, but this past Thursday morning, a little after 10 am, a 41 year-old man proved that it is a possibility, as he casually walked into (the widely respected) Kyoto Animation's 1st Studio Building in Kyoto City and poured what investigators suspect to be gasoline around the building before setting fire to it. The perpatrator - who also got injured in the process - has since been arrested by police and has reportedly admitted to carrying out the crime. The monstrous act has left at least 33 dead, and even more injured, with an additional 36 people in hospital. Though his motive has not yet been determined, he reportedly shouted "die" as he was setting the fires. 


An explosion occurred in the building, in which victims said they heard themselves. A professor of fire safety and materials explained to a public broadcaster that a combination of: bad ventilation, an abundance of paper used by artists at the company and the large quantity of gasoline spread around the building by the attacker would likely have caused the fire to spread too quickly for people to plan their escape. Hauntingly, a spokesperson from the fire department reported receiving calls first, outlining an explosion on the first floor, and then later, which pleaded "the fire is rising, help us." A total of thirty fire trucks and ambulances reported to the scene to take victims to multiple hospitals around Kyoto, with all three of the building's floors being affected by the fire. Kyoto Animation was founded back in 1981, by producer Yoko Hatta and her husband Hideaki, with an office in Tokyo and a headquarters building in nearby Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. The company has produced a number of TV-series, including K-ON!, Violet Evergarden: The Movie and A Silent Voice: The Movie.

Company president, Hatta said that the company had previously received random and anonymous death threats via emails, but didn't understand "why on earth did such violence [had] to be used." With Anime fans expressing their anger over the unexplainable event, and mourning the victims on their social media pages, a cloud-funding site was also started to help the company get back on its feet. Horrifyingly, witnesses reported hearing bangs coming from the building, with others alleging that they saw people coming out blackened by the smoke, bleeding, and walking barefoot, Kyodo News reported. The attack has been cited as the worst mass murder in Japan's postwar history.


Kurt Cobain's Legacy Has Impacted Hip-Hop For Generations 

Kurt Donald Cobain never had it easy. A child of divorce, Cobain’s lifelong battles with chronic bronchitis, depression and an undiagnosed stomach illness were the gateways to a soul-sapping heroin addiction. Often portrayed as the quintessential “tortured genius,” his decision to take his own life at 27 and “join that stupid club” that his mother had been wary of all but cemented him as an icon for the ages. Anarchic, raw and introspective, his time at the helm of Seattle’s most beloved grunge trio Nirvana brought him worldwide success - success he was insufficiently equipped to handle. His anti-establishmentarian outlook, led by twisted poetry and fuzzy guitar tones, has ensured his status as a symbol of subversion ever since.

Supplemented by a mythical status that only premature death can bring, Cobain’s crossover appeal makes him all the more fascinating. In recent years, his influence on the hip-hop world has become increasingly pronounced. Today’s melody-driven rappers are going beyond the sacred texts of hip-hop to find inspiration, and Nirvana’s DNA can be traced in the work of some of the biggest rising stars. Prone to delicately melding the worlds of rock and hip-hop together, the work of Juice WRLD, Trippie Redd, Lil Uzi Vert, and the late XXXtentacion echoes the tunefully confessional style of Nivrana’s storied hits. On the other side, Rico Nasty, Scarlxrd and $uicideboyz take cues from more abrasive fare such as “Territorial Pissings”, “Scentless Apprentice” and “Negative Creep.” 

Kurt’s legacy has also bled into the aesthetical side of the modern hip-hop paradigm. Alongside his signature white oval sunglasses getting a new lease of life as  “clout goggles,” or Young Thug emulating his androgynous outfit choices, Cobain’s frantic cries of “Stay Away” have been etched across Post Malone’s face before his likeness was later immortalized on one of Posty’s knuckles. In stark contrast to Post’s intentional homages to Cobain-- he’s also been known to cover a slew of their tracks at live shows-- one artist that recently made headlines by culling from the Nirvana discography is Lil Nas X. But where many artists have vocalized their fandom for the Grunge icons, the Atlantan’s use of the melodic backbone of “In Bloom” came about far more unconsciously. “A lot of songs will even come to me [when] I’m sleeping or something,” he explained to Zane Lowe. “Like a melody. And I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s fly.’ But the craziest thing about “Panini” is it introduced me to Nirvana’s album Nevermind. I always seen the cover, but I never actually listened to it.”A testament to how indivisible Kurt’s music is from popular culture, Lil Nas X’s accidental interpolation of one of their classic tracks is one case in a broader tradition of MCs extracting influence from or directly incorporating Nirvana’s high-intensity output.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

For Kurt, hip-hop was a force for positive change in the music industry, despite being hampered by some short-sighted ideologies. That said, it should come as no surprise that the frontman of a fiercely liberal and progressive band would find plenty to admire about Public Enemy. Co-headliners at the famous Reading festival in 1992, an unearthed list of his top 50 albums of all time featured the incendiary It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back at number 43. But while he’d fostered a love of Chuck D’s polemic lyricism and the iconic production of The Bomb Squad, his relationship with hip-hop was not without inner conflict. For Cobain, hip-hop represented “the only vital form of music that has been introduced since punk rock” but his enjoyment was ultimately stifled as most of it was deemed  “so misogynist that I can't even deal with it.” Informed by his “respect” for the material, Cobain also harbored strong feelings on who should and shouldn’t participate in the production of rap music. “The white man ripped off the black man long enough”, he remarked during a 1991 radio interview. “They should leave rap music to the African-Americans because they do it so well and it is so vital to them.” 

25 years on from his untimely death at his Seattle, Washington home, Kurt’s indelible mark on the world remains as clearly discernible as ever, with hip-hop playing a massive role in promulgating his legacy to the next generation. Aside from morbid comparisons drawn between the late Lil Peep-- who collaborated with Lil Tracy on 2016’s “Cobain”-- and Nirvana’s driving force, there’s no shortage of artists that feel an affinity for him well beyond lurid sensationalism. Well-versed in misanthropic poetry in his own right, Meechy Darko counts “Durt Cobain” among his many aliases, while the tragic circumstances that surrounded his death provided compelling symbolism for Denzel Curry’s “Clout Cobain.”

Seen as creative kindred spirits, Kid Cudi has also paid his respects to Cobain in a variety of touching and heartfelt ways. Upon visiting Seattle in 2011, Cudder made a point of venturing to Viretta Park—colloquially known as “Kurt’s Park”—in order to etch his name on the bench where fans have left tributes since his death. Considering that the record hinged on Cudi’s re-emergence from a pit of mental despair and addiction issues, it was only fitting that he would use one of Cobain’s previously unreleased demos for “Cudi Montage” on Kids See Ghosts. Derived from the tentatively titled “Burn The Rain,” he got permission from Kurt’s widow Courtney Love directly and expressed his gratefulness after she claimed that “I don’t clear shit for just anybody.” 

On the subject of artists bringing fragments of Nirvana’s music into the hip-hop canon, their vast and varied catlog provides ample ground for creatives to explore. A track that Kurt came to revile over time as his fame continued to increase, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” has been utilized by Jay-Z, Ghostemane, Lords Of The Underground, Timbaland, Lupe Fiasco and Vic Mensa’s former group Kids These Days to name a few. In what is one of the first examples, one group that was particularly quick on the ball was House Of Pain, who delivered their own spin on “Come As You Are” with 1994’s DJ Muggs-helmed “Runnin’ Up On Ya.”  Decades on from the release of Same As It Ever Was, Clipping and Yelawolf both saw fit to make use of the vividly titled B-side “Moist Vagina” whilst Waka Flocka Flame and Chief Keef added a sample of “School” to their abrasive arsenals with “Uh Huh” and “Dipset” respectively. 

Familiar with advancing hip-hop in his own right, Talib Kweli believes that the prevalence of Nirvana’s riotous videos on TV had a tangible effect on the culture, informally setting the stage for today’s intersection between rock and rap. As Lil Wayne discussed how “Smells Like Teen Spirit’ used to always be on” with Nardwuar, the Blackstar legend believes that the Seattle trio played an instrumental role in broadening horizons. “When Nirvana hit, you had black kids into hip-hop watching MTV for alternative videos, getting into Red Hot Chili Peppers,” he reflects. “Then Ice-T came out with Body Count. I think all that set the stage for Nirvana. And Nevermind was a damn near perfect album, like Bob Marley’s Talkin’ Blues or John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme.

Cherished by new talents and those who bore witness to the band’s meteoric rise first-hand, leave it to Jay-Z to perfectly encapsulate why Kurt Cobain’s presence remains felt to this day. Outlined in Pharrell’sPlaces And Spaces I’ve Been In, Jay-Z reflected on the feverish excitement that surrounded Nirvana’s arrival and believed it to be an inadvertent impediment on hip-hop’s road to commercial dominance. “It was weird because hip-hop was becoming this force, then grunge music stopped it for one second, ya know? Those ‘hair bands’ were too easy for us to take out”, Jay pondered. “When Kurt Cobain came with that statement [“Smells Like Teen Spirit”], it was like, ‘We got to wait a while.” 

It’s only fair to head over to California and look at how he impacted one of its key figures. During one of the highlights of HBO’s The Defiant Ones docu-series, the tranquillity of Dr Dre’s beachside home is disrupted by the chaotic strains of Nirvana’s “Stay Away.” “I’m startin’ to sweat right now just listenin’ to this shit, it’s bananas, Dre proclaimed. “Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. That’s uh, my favorite rock group of all time.” Whether it’s his rebellious spirit, his near-unparalleled knack for melody, or the dissonant barrages of sound that cast a spell over 90s airwaves, Kurt Cobain’s name is etched into the fabric of our favorite hip-hop artists, an influence unlikely to wane any time soon. 

Cardi B Shows Support For Rep. Ilhan Omar Following Trump's Racist Attack 

There's no doubt that people have felt more comfortable with their racism since Donald Trump got in office. He's uttered some nasty things in the past -- some of which he's denied -- including a recent shot fired at Rep. Ilhan Omar. Now, Trump wasn't solely aiming at the Somali-born house rep who is also Muslim, but also at other women of color. Now, Cardi B might be known for her raunchy lyrics but you have to applaud her for using her platform to raise awareness of certain issues including Trump leading a "Send Her Home" chant during a North Carolina rally. 

Cardi B took to Instagram following the viral clip of Trump leading a chant calling for Rep. Ilhan Omar to be sent "home," even though she's been an American citizen for 20 years. Cardi B shared a gem from Beyonce's "Formation" along with a picture of the congresswoman. "You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation,” Cardi captioned the post. 

Trump essentially called Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is a Democrat, a "hate-filled extremist" which is one of the most ironic statements of his political career so far. "That’s why I say: If they don’t like it, let them leave,” he said. “If they don’t love it, tell them to leave it. I’m just saying it’s their choice, they can come back when they want," he added before the crowd started chanting "Send her back!"

Lori Harvey & Diddy Spark New Dating Rumors After Model Drives His $400K Maybach 

Somebody tell Meek Mill that it's time to take Lori Harvey off of his wishlist. Much of the news surrounding Diddy this month has been about the revival of his MTV series Making The Band. It was announced a few days ago that he would be rebooting the show, hoping to continue to build on his legacy as a mentor. The rap mogul is eager to get started, looking through the casting videos they've received and choosing who may be a good pick for the show. When it comes to his love life, Puffy has been single since his soulmate Kim Porter passed away. He has shared many social tributes to his ex-girlfriend but he is seemingly interested in moving forward. After his break-up with Cassie, Diddy was spotted with model Lori Harvey and a few others but they never actually confirmed that they were dating. Now, Lori's choice of vehicle appears to have spilled the beans for her.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Several gossip websites, including Atlanta Black Star, have reported on Lori Harvey cruising around in Diddy's chauffeured Maybach, meeting the rapper for lunch at Nobu. Diddy reportedly used the back entrance and arrived in a black SUV to prevent paparazzi action in front of the restaurant. Still, people are all up in their business, assuming that Harvey and Puff are back on after their date.

Do you think Lori Harvey and Diddy are together or nah?

Blueface Dubs Himself "The Best Lyricist In The Game" 

Blueface, the riddle wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in blue. Since his arrival onto the game, the off-beat wonder has won hearts and made enemies in seemingly equal measure. Driven by the unexpected smash hit "Thotiana," which cemented him as a leading man unwilling to foot the bill, Blueface's strangely comedic lines proved stubbornly endearing - perhaps against one's own sense of better judgment.  Today, following a recent familial spat between himself, his mother, and his sister, Blueface took a break from juggling matching girlfriends to make some bold claims. 

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

"That's on my mom and my sis, I'm the best lyricist in the muthafu*kin' game," declares Blueface, invoking his kin. "I might not have the best flow, sound, I don't know what the fu*k ya'll be listening to when ya'll be listening to this other bullshit, but when it come to wordplay??? Cuz. 'I'm at the Ritz Carlton hotel blowing zips / This is a non-smoking room, but can't no ho-tell me shit / cause bitch I'm the shit!' Oh my fu*king goodness!"

In his defense, his cited line was kinda nice, was it not? Though he'll probably alienate many looking to discredit his thesis on an immediate basis, perhaps Blueface's lyrics deserve a second examination. Or perhaps Blueface is simply taking a moment for a spot of mischief, given how easy it is to provoke fans into a discussion. What do you think? Is he outrapping his peers in any criteria whatsoever?

Amber Rose Finds Humour In Pregnant Paparazzi Meme Comparing Her To Butt-Head 

Amber Rose is nearing the final countdown of her pregnancy for when she'll be welcoming her second child, and first with her boyfriend Alexander AE Edwards. While Amber continues to pump out advertisements for Flat Tummy Tea (even though she's getting shamed for doing so while pregnant) she's also taken time to poke fun at herself over some memes that have been posted to the web. 

Amber was recently spotted out and about in Los Angeles, wearing a white crop and sweatpants, showing off her very pregnant belly. The 35-year-old opted for no makeup since was seemingly just out running errands and the photos paparazzi took of her have sparked some memes. 

One meme that Amber clearly found a little funny was shared to her Instagram story, comparing her to butthead from Beavis & Butthead. Amber simply responded by sharing a side-eye emoji. 

In other Amber news, she recently made a statement on the past-viral Cucumber challenge and how women shouldn't shame any participants. "I feel like a lot of girls are being very insecure because they watched the video and they're like, 'Oh b*tch, I can't do that.' But the thing that we have to remember is that if your man is going and cheating on you or just being disrespectful, you got to understand baby girl that don't got sh*t to do with you," she said. 

UFC's Henry Cejudo Spotted With New Love Interest, Brazilian Actress Sandra 

Check out more photos of the two in the tweet embedded below.

Cejudo last fought in June, when he KO'd Marlon Moraes to retain his Bantamweight title. The 5'4 powerhouse had flirted with the idea of challenging for the Featherweight title, but UFC President Dana White recently told TMZ that Cejudo's next fight will be in the Flyweight division, likely against title contender Joseph Benavidez.

“You’d have to look at Joe [Benavidez],”White said. “[At 135] I don’t know but next he should defend that title. He would go to 125, defend that title, then we would decide who he would fight next. As long as Cejudo is willing to defend both titles, I think he is a guy that can carry both of them, and by both of them I mean both divisions.”

Marvel's "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D" Announces Series Finale 

Marvel has attempted to take over the entire entertainment industry and, for the most part, it's worked out. The film studio managed to create one of the most profitable franchises in recent memory with the Avengers, milking them out of several movies and billions of dollars. Endgame is still working on beating Avatar's box office record but today, Marvel has announced some sad news regarding one of their most successful television shows.

With the demise of so many Netflix Marvel shows, another television regular has just announced that it is coming to an end as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the popular ABC program, will be ending after its seventh season. In a statement provided to Deadline, Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb said that the team will be bidding adieu to us all in 2020. The writers of the show are reportedly working on tying any loose ends together before the season is complete, ensuring that fans of the show get a satisfactory ending. 

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

"When you know that’s what you’re doing, you can take greater risks, of life and death," said Joeb on the upcoming series finale. "Those kinds of decisions suddenly now are real on the table because you’re not playing how do we undo this when we get to the next season. You’re playing that this is going to be the end of the story."

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is currently airing its sixth season. Everything will come to a close next year at the culmination of Season 7.

Martin Shkreli Will Stay Locked Up After Losing Sentence Appeal In Federal Court 

Martin Shkreli got under everyone's skin in hip-hop after acquiring Wu-Tang one-of-one album and the then-unreleased version of Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV. That aggravated people but even before that, he was under fire for hiking the price on HIV medication by 5,000%. Karma did end up coming for him after he was locked up on security guard charges and it looks like he'll remain there for the rest of his seven-year sentence.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The federal appeals court unanimously denied Martin Shkreli's to overturn his conviction for fraud charges. In addition to remaining in prison, a judge reminded him that he still needed to cough up $7.3M as well as a $75K fine and a restitution of $388,336. In his appeal, his attorneys accused the judge of confusing the jury with their instruction, claiming the jury was given, "the same instruction was given two different ways, as to two separate frauds with two disparate results, based on the same conduct."

Alixandra Smith of the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Eastern New York District said that the instruction wasn't confusing at all. In fact, Smith said the instructions provided more clarity. "It is hard to see how a more precise instruction could be somehow prejudicial or problematic than sort of a more general instruction," Smith said.

Looks like it'll be a while until Shkreli ends up free. 


JR Smith To Meet With The Milwaukee Bucks Today: Report 

After a tumultuous year with the Cleveland Cavaliers, JR Smith was finally waived on Monday which officially made him a free agent. Before Smith had even been waived, early reports suggested he would be joining the Los Angeles Lakers, although those reports were quickly shot down by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. With the Lakers off the table, Smith is currently looking for a new team and as of right now, it looks like there is some interest. Smith has proven himself to be a capable, yet streaky shooter and can certainly fill a hole on a team that needs an exciting scorer.

According to Shams Charania of Stadium and The Athletic, Smith is in Milwaukee today to have a free agent meeting with the Bucks.

The Bucks finished with the best record in the regular season last year and with Giannis Antetokounmpo at the helm, they could be poised to take a run at the NBA Finals. In Charania's post, he points out that the Bucks are in need of a wing shooter which means Smith would probably be a good fit.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Bucks offer Smith a contract but if they do, there will certainly be a few more eyes on Milwaukee this season. We're not sure if the city is ready for the Henny God just yet.

Jada Pinkett Smith's Living Her Best Hot Girl Summer Vacationing On A Yacht 

If you haven't already heard, this summer is also known as the hot girl summer which means hunnies everywhere are throwing on their best fits and posting up on Instagram letting everyone know that they too are contributing to the heat. The term was coined by Megan Thee Stallion who jumped on Twitter yesterday to explain the meaning in full. "Being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth, being the life of the party etc," she wrote

It looks as though the term has made its way to Jada Pinkett Smith who's currently vacationing with her family over in Greece and Italy. The 47-year-old shared an image to Instagram, that sees her posted up in a two-piece string bikini smiling wide in the direction of the sun, while the rays accentuate her toned frame.  

"I'LL take that joyful hot girl summer thank you🌞✨" she captioned the image. 

Jada has previously discussed her confidence and how she smiles at herself in the mirror every morning, grateful for overcoming the various life battles. 

“Just take care of yourself. To me, that’s the biggest beauty secret ever. It’s the deepest self-love," she said. "When you love yourself, it shows. It’s such a process. It’s hard. It’s not one pill you can take. It’s not one thing you can do. It’s a process and a journey. And one day you wake up and go, ‘I’ve gotten to the next step.’ And one day, you go, ‘I’m (expletive) awesome.”

Lil Skies Returns With New Video "Going Off" 

You'll never catch Lil Skies' girl in Jimmy Choo. All she wears is Chanel. The 20-year-old makes a bold statement in his latest musical effort "Going Off," pitting the two design houses against one another and affording the W to Chanel. After releasing his successful album Shelby this year, Skies looks set to continue his run so he can keep proving to his detractors that he's not finished yet. The Pennsylvania-born rapper is a constant underdog, not getting much shine from the usual culprits and truly working by himself to deliver some strong auto-tune ballads. "Going Off" is the latest addition to his growing string of hits.

Announcing last night that he would be coming through with a brand new video shortly, fans assumed that another clip from Shelby would be popping up online. Instead, Lil Skies uploaded a brand new song, introducing us to "Going Off" and crafting some new melodies for us to digest. The video is low-budget, showing Skies mobbing outside of his lavish home in the hills. He observes a couple of baddies by the pool before hiking out to the middle of a field and getting his dance on.

Compared to his other new releases, how are you feeling Lil Skies' new track "Going Off?"

Quotable Lyrics:

It's a lot of kings in the room
I've been gettin' money, I don't know care what they assume
I've been going off like I don't got nothin' to lose
We've been makin hits since like 1992
I wasn't alive, but I still was making moves

Timbaland & Jay-Z Lead Legendary Lineup In Throwback Studio Pic 

It's important to shine a light on hip-hop's iconic meetings of the mind, many of which transpire behind studio doors, never to be seen by the general public. Yet like jokes at a stand-up comedy event, music simply sounds better during a studio session, in which the creatives behind its construction stand present. With that in mind, one can only imagine what the Magna Carter Holy Grail studio sessions must have been like, given the powerhouse roster of talent behind it. 

Brian Ach/Getty Images

Today, Timbaland came through to share a throwback pic of his experience working on Jay's twelfth studio album, alongside some of hip-hop's most enduring figures. From left to right are himself, Swizz Beatz, the Jigga Man, Pharrell Williams, and Rick Rubin, three out of five having contributed production to Jay's classic The Black Album. Of course, Magna Carter received a lukewarm response upon its arrival, likely spurred by the sheer weight of expectation associated with a Jay-Z release. Yet it's clear that the making-of process must have felt truly special, and it wouldn't be surprising if each man pictured holds the album close to their heart.

Respect to Timbo for sharing a piece of hip-hop history! Have you listened to MCHG recently? If so, how does it hold up?

Blake Griffin Puts Jimmy Fallon Through Post-Game Interview Test: Watch 

Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, where they discussed the eventful NBA off-season and Blake's budding stand-up comedy career. 

The 30-year old All Star also shared his opinion about why people seem to think athletes are so stupid, which could certainly be featured as one of the bits in his latest stand-up routine.

Griffin explains:

"After the game you have to do media and you have to sit at a press conference and answer questions. I think people always think athletes are like really stupid and it's not that we're stupid it's that we've just exercised for two hours and there's not really enough oxygen in our brains."

He then proceeded to put Fallon through a little post-game interview test to prove his point.

The two also talked about being heckled on the court and where Griffin was when he found out that Kawhi Leonard was signing with the Los Angeles Clippers. Check out the interview in the video embedded below. The post-game bit comes at the 3:00 mark.

Cardi B & Offset Explain The Lyrics To "Clout" With Jimmy Kimmel 

Cardi B and Offset's megahit "Clout" that came off Offset's album Father of 4 is still getting replayed to this day due to the popularity and overall party vibe of the track. The tune is still sitting on the Billboard 100 at #62 and it's seemingly for that reason why Jimmy Kimmel invited the married couple to his show to get some feedback on the lyrics and his attempts at deciphering what they mean. 

Offset kicked things off by rapping his verse: "Straight out the streets to a penthouse/Miami beach/Yayo," leading Jimmy to suggest what he thinks it means, getting it correct. "I came from humble beginnings, but now I own a condominium in Florida. Yayo," he said.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"Get the whip/Put it up for my seeds/No cure for the IG disease," Offset rapped.

"Seeds are kids, right?" Jimmy asked. "So, I'm saving my money for my children, and I love Instagram—a lot." Cardi B then came through with her line, getting sexually explicit: "Mouth still say what it wants to/Vagina still wet like a fat bitch." Jimmy thought the verse was about "free speech" but Cardi let him know what it really meant. 

"No, it doesn't mean that," Cardi responded. "You ever heard that, like, big girls have better vaginas than skinny girls?" 

"Of course, of course! My mother taught me that when I was young," Jimmy said. 

Watch the full clip below.

Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre Sparked Up A Partnership On "The Recipe"  

In 2012, Kendrick Lamar was years away from locking down hip-hop's first Pulitzer Prize. Yet the foundations were always there, evidenced within Section 80's intellectual musings and conceptual throughlines. It might have been easy for Kendrick to slide down the path of say, Lupe Fiasco, who ultimately came to find comfort within the complexities of his own worldbuilding. Yet Kenny was cut from a different cloth, a Compton cloth. Like many West Coast icons, "women, weed, and weather" made for integral elements of his DNA, and such things needed to be celebrated. Enter "The Recipe," a pre-Good Kid single that heralded his partnership with Dr. Dre for the world to see.

Slick to a fault, the Scoop Deville-produced banger exudes pure California, with both parties taking to the instrumental with poised confidence. Kendrick sets the tone with an aqueous flow, navigating the beat with his creative approach to structure on full display; speaking of Lupe, there's even a subtle homage to "Go Go Gadget Flow," as K. Dot borrows one of Lupe's dexterous flows from The Cool's introductory track. As for Dre, we already know what the Good Doctor is about, and any track can serve to benefit from his presence. "The Recipe" is no different, and to this day, it remains an integral cornerstone of any summertime soundtrack.

Quotable Lyrics

M n***a said he wanna fly out to get him some
Three W's only for a three-day run, bitch
Take them mothafuckin' panties off, you ain't no nun, shit
I be living in the sky every time I ride by them hoes
Ribbon in the sky on the radio 'cause Stevie know I control
Let it breathe, I control, California living 'til I am old

Lil West Chooses Between Lil Wayne & Drake On "This Or That" 

Delaware-raised rapper Lil West is currently proving why he's a major force to be reckoned with from the new class of hip-hop's upstart recording artists. With his Vex Pt. 1 project, he started a movement that we can't wait to see continue on the second instalment of the work. The release of "Bad" sees the young vocalist prepping his fans for the next chapter in his career and so far, the new era is sounding good.

We all know how difficult it can be to make even the most mundane decisions on a daily basis. Figuring out where you want to stop on the way home to get food is often a disaster and choosing between Netflix selections can be a tough pull at times. Lil West isn't immune to the hardships of regular life. He still has to choose between Wendy's and McDonald's, calling or texting, Instagram or Twitter, and more. Today, we're reviving our This or That series with none other than West, who stopped by the office to answer a series of important questions.

Right off the bat, Lil West had to choose between Oxtail and controlling the Aux Cord, picking the former because of his family's Jamaican roots. As for his social media preferences, he would go with IG over Twitter most days, simply because it's easier to pull chicks in the DMs. Things finally got difficult when West was forced to choose between Lil Wayne and Drake, landing with the latter because he never truly got into Weezy F Baby. "A lot of people be like, damn, I fucked with Wayne back in the day. I never really listened to Wayne, even like "Mr. Carter" and all that. I mean, I was fucking with No Ceilings. No Ceilings definitely was in my shit," said the young rapper.

Find out what Lil West goes for when he needs to pick either alcohol or weed, The Wire or The Sopranos, and more in the video above.