Patrick Beverley Reacts To Being Left Off NBA All-Defensive Teams 

Today, the NBA unveiled the ten players that make up its NBA all-defensive teams. The all-defensive first team includes Giannis Antetokounmpo, Eric Bledsoe, Rudy Gobert, Paul George, and Marcus Smart. Meanwhile, the second team has Jrue Holiday, Klay Thompson, Joel Embiid, Draymond Green, and Kawhi Leonard. While all of these players are deserving, there has already been quite a bit of debate surrounding those who were snubbed from the list. One of the players many people thought deserved a spot was Los Angeles Clippers player Patrick Beverley.

Beverley was an absolute terror while defending Kevin Durant in the first round of the playoffs as the two were embroiled in a pretty intense beef throughout that six-game series. With Beverley's staunch defense, it was expected that he would at least make it onto the NBA all-defensive second team list but clearly, that wasn't in the cards.

The Clippers player took to Twitter today where he simply said: "Lol that’s funny!!!" after the list had dropped. Three simple words but they conveyed his thoughts perfectly. It's obvious the Clippers star knows his worth and felt he was absolutely deserving of the honor.

Do you think Beverley should have made it and if not, was the current list good or does it need an update? Let us know.

Seth Rogen's GQ Cover Sparks A Stream Of Thirsty Tweets 

With the release of Long Shot and Lion King set to arrive this summer, Seth Rogen has a lot on his plate these days. The star has been known to dabble in fields that extend way past just acting; including: writing, producing, directing, and most recently, managing his own cannabis company "Houseplant." Rogen continues his spur of productivity by gracing the latest cover of GQ, and fans can't help but notice a major glow-up.

The photos from his beach shoot, which were unveiled on Tuesday, set off a flurry of thirsty tweets, with some users remarking on the star’s transformation, and others asserting that they’d been O.G. fangirls of Rogen’s long before the cover. 

While the Long Shot star received a lot of love across the internet, his adorable Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy, Zelda, who also had the honor of being featured on the cover, definitely had a few fans thirsting over her too. Even Rogen himself couldn’t help but fangirl over the dog. 

This one pup even took a thirst trap pic for Zelda!

Rogen's rugged good looks aren't the only thing who should be praised for though, as a quote from GQ about the visionary's evolution throughout the year stated, "For people whose casual impression of Seth Rogen begins and ends with the gallery of quasi-employed, stoned men-children he played in his 20s, it might be hard to fully comprehend that he, now 37, is a legitimate Hollywood operator and entrepreneur in his own right, with a career that extends well beyond acting and writing. In addition to developing, writing, and acting in his own film projects, Rogen produces television, does voice work, and with his wife, Lauren Miller-Rogen, created @hilarityforcharity, a series of comedy shows that's raised millions for Alzheimer's care, support, and research."

YNW Melly's "Murder On My Mind" Goes Double Platinum As He Faces Death Penalty 

We're all waiting to find out how the YNW Melly saga continues -- will he be sentenced to death in his double murder case or will he be set free? -- but for now, the only news about the young Florida rapper pertains to the success of one of his hit songs. When he was arrested for the murders of his two friends YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, Melly was in the process of building a pretty impressive career for himself. Weeks prior, he had collaborated with Kanye West for the first time, releasing his new album and earning himself another hit song with "Mixed Personalities." His original smash "Murder On My Mind" is still earning tons of airplay with streaming numbers rising each day. As reported by XXL, the song is officially considered double-platinum, with the status being confirmed by the RIAA last week.

After finding out that he could be sentenced to the death penalty, the rapper finally has a reason to smile. His song has officially gone double platinum and much like in the photos shared online a few weeks ago, Melly's probably rocking a goofy smile because of it.

What's your take on his music after he was accused of double murder? Are you still bumping his most popular songs or is he completely off-limits on your playlist? Learn more about his charges here.

Image via XXL

Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" Gets Remixed By Consequence's Son 

Lil Nas X is the talk of the town right now (or should we say the Old Town Road) due to his chart-topping track featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. Just a week after North West made a self-directed video to his song, another youngin' has dropped off another rendition of his own for the track. During a visit to BET, Lil Nas heard a remix of his song by Caiden, Consequence's son.   

"That's dope! That's fire," Lil Nas X said responded to the remix. "Like you know, anything with little kids, that get involved with my music, or come up to me with something like this, it just puts a smile on my face." Lil Nas detailed further to the publication of how having an internet presence is one of the most important things for rising acts. 

"It's like, if you don't have anything with the internet going for yourself, and you're an artist, I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but it's like, what are you doing? You have to know how to work [the internet]. Or have somebody do it for you," he explained. 

In other Lil Nas news, he recently shared a partial tracklist for his upcoming EP, 7, set to drop next month.

Chris Brown To Depose Florida Man Accusing Singer Of Assault: Report 

Chris Brown's entire career over the past decade has been riddled with clouded by controversy. This year, specifically, he was accused of raping a woman in France, got into beef with Offset, and recently agreed to have his home investigated in another case where his friend is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at Breezy's house. On top of all of that, he's dealing with charges from 2017 stemming from an alleged assault against a photographer. Now, he's reportedly set to grill the man as he builds his case.

Ser Baffo/Getty Images

Bennie Vines is set to be deposed by Breezy on May 31st. The singer will question the man about the alleged assault in Tampa, FL that landed Breezy a felony battery charge. Vines, who said he was hired to take photos at the club, accused Brown of aggressively trying to get him out of his way. Vines said that he tried to explain to the singer that he was simply taking photos since it was his job but things escalated further and he claims Brown punched him in the lip.

Breezy left the nightclub but he was later charged for the alleged incident. He's pleaded not guilty to the felony battery charge and his trial is scheduled for later this year.

We'll keep you posted on any more updates on Brown's legal situation. 


Azealia Banks Previews Extremely NSFW New Song 

Azealia Banks was once regarded as one of the leaders in a growing division of female rappers. Her hit "212" and the way she meshed house music with hip-hop made her a force to be reckoned with. With so much potential and innovative creativity lodged in her mind, she seems to have dug a grave for herself based solely on her actions and her words. Rarely do we ever hear about Azealia's musical efforts these days. If somebody brings her up, it's likely to discuss the fact that she once claimed to sacrifice chickens in her closet. Or it might be for the rants she pulls daily on her social media channels. Or... you get the point. Today, she shared a preview of one of her new songs, which got people talking because of the extremely suggestive subject matter.

Matthew Baker/Getty Images

The last time we heard Banks on record was when she dropped her single "Playhouse." Last month, the song was released and much like this one, her lyrics were graphic. She spoke about her "playhouse" and about all kinds of sex she wanted to have inside of it. Now, she's teasing two new tracks and of them, one stands out as a raunchy display of Azealia's dirty thoughts. She raps: "Said you wanna be my boyfriend/But you better make me c*m/Got the pinkest p***y/And you know that p***y warm/I just wanna keep you hard/I don't wanna miss a minute."

The song has not yet been released but when it does, Azealia Banks stans around the world will rejoice. Is this a lane that you think Azealia can succeed in?

Kellen Winslow Rape Accusers Tells Court How He Threatened To Murder Her 

Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. has been in court all week, facing multiple sex crimes and rape charges, including two counts of kidnapping with intent to commit rape, two counts of forcible rape, two counts of residential burglary, one count of forcible oral copulation, one count of forcible sodomy and one count of indecent exposure, according to Yahoo Sports.

Earlier this week, a woman using the alias Jane Doe #1 explained how Winslow picked her up while hitchhiking in 2018 and violently raped her before threatening to kill her. According to TMZ Sports, a second victim, Jane Doe #2, told the courtroom a similar story today, describing how Winslow picked her up on May 18, 2018 in the San Diego area in order to take her on a coffee date. However, the 58-year old woman says he instead drove to a remote area, pulled over on the side of the road and raped her.

During the act, the woman says Winslow put his hands around her neck and said, "'If you scream,' I don't know if it was, 'I'll choke you to death' or 'I'll murder you.'" She says he later reiterated that he'd kill her if she told anyone. According to TMZ, she told the courtroom on Wednesday, "I was very afraid. The whole time I thought I was never going to get out alive."

Winslow, 35, faces a cumulative sentence that would put him away for life.

Parley X Adidas AlphaEdge 4D Drops Next Week: Detailed Photos 

Adidas has always been known to bring futuristic technology to their shoes and the latest example of that has been 4D printing. This type of technology is different from 3D printing as 4D printed objects are malleable and can transform, while 3D objects simply can't. One of the silhouettes that have ushered in the 4D aesthetic is the Adidas AlphaEdge which has seen a few releases over the last year.

Now, Adidas is completely revamping the upper of the shoe with recycled ocean plastics thanks to frequent collaborator Parley. Surrounding those plastics is a Primeknit upper which will surely make this pair comfy on top. Meanwhile, the 4D printed midsole is dressed in its signature mint green. Adidas announced that three colorways of the shoe will release, including a light blue Parley model, a triple-white version, and a black pair. 

"Adidas 4D continues to be our most ambitious midsole and having seen the success of the AlphaEdge 4D to date we are excited that we can now increase availability thanks to our innovative new manufacturing process, allowing athletes the world over to feel the future of performance footwear—this is what happens when sport meets Silicon Valley," said Marco Kormann, Director of Future Technology Innovation at Adidas through a press release.

These kicks will release on Friday, May 31st for $300 USD. Check out the official images below.

Adidas AlphaEdge 4D 'Parley' 2

Image via Adidas

Adidas AlphaEdge 4D 'Parley' 3

Image via Adidas

Adidas AlphaEdge 4D 'Black' 1

Image via Adidas

Adidas AlphaEdge 4D 'Black' 2

Image via Adidas

Adidas AlphaEdge 4D 'White' 1

Image via Adidas

Adidas AlphaEdge 4D 'White' 2

Image via Adidas

Stevie J Reportedly Files For Custody Of Daughter With Joseline, Fears For Her Safety 

Just a couple weeks ago, Stevie J blasted his ex, Joseline, for not letting him see their daughter, Bonnie Bella. Stevie has taken further action by filing court papers, requesting full custody of their three-year-old. Bossip reports that Stevie is accusing Joseline of purposely cutting Bonnie out of his life since she moved to Miami with Bonnie to live with another guy.  

Stevie is accusing Joseline of “parental alienation” and claims she doesn't even let him speak to Bonnie on the phone or share updates on her life, academic happenings or anything. Although there's no stated reason why, Stevie's documents detail how he's worried for Bonnie's safety and wants to appoint a "guardian ad litem” who will seek out Bonnie's best interests and report it to a judge. 

Stevie claims he's more financially and mentally stable to care for his daughter since he's married to Faith Evans. He calls on his family, adult children and extended family as great resources for his daughter's well being. 

Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET

Stevie and Joseline have both done their fair share of dragging each other on social media. Previously, Joseline clapped back about Stevie claiming he hadn't contacted Bonnie in a year.

"And not to mention he has not seen Bonnie Bella for one year. Faith Evans pays her child support. And he did not even buy anything or call for Bonnie Bella for her birthday. But maybe one day he will change. I'm keeping my hopes up. Every kid needs their parents. But I'm like this. Thanks for the nut," Joseline wrote. 

A judge has yet to rule on Stevie's request. 

Amber Heard's Final Texts To Johnny Depp Revealed: "I Have Nothing But Love For You" 

In the latest news concerned with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's messy divorce, Johnny Depp shared what he claims was his final text from Amber Heard. In court papers filed in Fairfax County, Virginia and obtained by Daily Mail, Depp also claims to have spoken with a number of Heard’s former partners about her alleged history of abuse (even detailing an incident between Heard and her ex-wife which resulted in the actress having to spend a night in jail).

Heard said in her text to Depp that the two could "do this or undue [sic] this as we see fit. You and I have the control. And love each other." Another text read: ‘I thought you filed [for divorce]. You said you were going to and said goodbye.· I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. I have nothing but love for you.’  

 Michael Buckner/Getty Images

However, as Depp pointed out, that sentiment didn't last long. "When I did not accede to her demand for money, Ms. Heard publicly accused me of domestic violence, seeking and receiving a temporary restraining order against me when appearing in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, May 27, 2016 with a first-ever-seen prominent bruise and cut on her face that she claimed resulted from being hit in the face by a cell phone thrown by me and further facial battering from “some appendage” of mine on the evening of May 21, 2016," wrote Depp in his declaration. Depp insisted that the "domestic violence allegation was untrue, and Ms. Heard’s purported injury was staged.’

Depp also spoke of an incident that happened ten years ago, which involved Heard and her then-wife. "Ms. Heard was arrested in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 2009 after police officers observed her committing domestic violence against her then-wife Tasya Van Ree," wrote Depp. He continued to detail how Van Ree had asked police to arrest Heard, but that the prosecutor declined to charge her "only because neither she nor her victim were residents of King County, Washington, but not before Ms. Heard spent a night in jail and appeared before a judge in court."

Heard and her then-wife Tasya Van Ree, via Donna Ward/Getty Images


The actor went on to admit that he had spoken to others who were involved in similar situations with Heard. "Several women who have been in a relationship with Ms. Heard have come forward to share their personal experiences of brutal violence and other abuse at the hands of Ms. Heard," revealed Depp. "My advisors have and continue to interview these victims, who remain deeply fearful of Ms. Heard, and to collect evidence from these victims."

The declaration also detailed why he believed Heard was acting this way, placing the blame on pills. "While mixing prescription amphetamines and non-prescription drugs with alcohol, Ms. Heard committed innumerable acts of domestic violence against me, often in the presence of third-party witnesses, which in some instances caused me serious bodily injury,’ stated Depp. "Multiple of these commissions of violence against me she has even admitted to under oath."

The way things are going now, it's looking like this he-said-she-said situation is going to be dragged on a little longer, with both parties continuing to make opposing claims. Who do you guys believe?

Michael Avenatti Indicted For Defrauding Stormy Daniels: Report 

Things for Michael Avenatti haven't been that great in recent times. He's led the charges against R. Kelly and became a celebrity in his own right after representing Stormy Daniels in her suit against Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the same case that helped him become one of the most prominent figures in law has also resulted in charges of defrauding his client.

According to the Associated Press, Michael Avenatti was charged on Wednesday for ripping off Daniels in her legal battle against Trump. Federal prosecutors accused Avenatti of using a forged document to rip off $300K from Daniels that was meant to help the adult film star land a book deal. They claim that he used the funds for personal and business expenses and at this point, he's only paid back half of the amount.

Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

Avenatti claimed his innocence on Twitter. "No monies relating to Ms. Daniels were ever misappropriated or mishandled. She received millions of dollars worth of legal services and we spent huge sums in expenses. She directly paid only $100.00 for all that she received. I look forward to a jury hearing the evidence,” he wrote.

These allegations shouldn't come as a shock as not only was he charged for allegedly trying to extort Nike but also, because Daniels has previously accused him of some shady business practices.

"For months I’ve asked Michael Avenatti to give me accounting information about the fund my supporters so generously donated to for my safety and legal defense," she told The Daily Beast. "He has repeatedly ignored those requests. Days ago I demanded again, repeatedly, that he tell me how the money was being spent and how much was left. Instead of answering me, without my permission or even my knowledge Michael launched another crowdfunding campaign to raise money on my behalf. I learned about it on Twitter."

Flying Lotus Gives Update On Dr. Dre's Fabled "Detox"  

With his upcoming Flamagra album arriving on Friday, Flying Lotus took a moment to chop it up with Billboard for an intriguing conversation. While many topics were discussed, some of the most interesting insight arose once FlyLo began speaking on his experiences with Aftermath's finest, particularly Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar. Where the former is concerned, Lotus revealed that he actually managed to hear the fabled Detox in full, during a listening session that took place at some point post-Compton. 

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

"When I came to the studio, he played me Detox," reveals FlyLo. "He was like, "You fuck with it or what?!" I was like, "Yeah!" He was just super hyped on it. We were listening to the shit and he was dancing around the studio with his wife and shit.  He has that feeling like, "Fuck yeah. I'm rich as fuck, but I'm having a great time still." It was really cool to see." When asked about further details on the album's sound, FlyLo teased another solid chapter in the Good Doctor's discography. "The version I heard is the sequel to Compton. It makes sense after Compton, I think. It makes sense, but I like it better than Compton." 

He also shares insight into Kendrick Lamar's slept-on producorial prowess, explaining that his vision extends beyond that of the average "beatmaker." "He's totally a producer," explains FlyLo, of Kendrick. "He knows exactly what he wants in his music. Every time a beat drops, or every time you add a noise, any extra thing about the sequence, it's the most hands-on thing I've seen outside of producers...He'll take your beat and turn it into his album stuff. Even if it's like stitching things together, he's real clever with stuff like that, but no one really thinks of him that way."

For more from Flying Lotus, check out his recent "Black Balloons Reprise" with Denzel Curry, and keep an eye out for Flamagra dropping at the end of the week. 


Ric Flair Posts First Message Since Surgery: "I'll Be WOOOing In No Time!" 

Earlier today Ric Flair was photographed leaving the hospital with a smile on his face, following a surgery that had originally been scheduled to take place last week. The surgery was a success and the 70-year old WWE Hall of Famer is expected to make a full recovery.

Upon his release from the hospital on Wednesday morning, the Nature Boy took to twitter to share an update with his fans. The tweet reads:

"The Naitch Is Home!!! Thank You To All The Incredible Staff And Doctors At Gwinnett Medical Center Once Again! I Am So Thankful For All My Family, Friends, And Fans For All The Love. At This Time In My Life, I Never Take It For Granted. I Will Be Back Up And WOOOOOing In No Time!"

It's unclear exactly what Flair was hospitalized for, but his son-in-law, Conrad Thompson, recently explained it wasn't a last-minute surprise and the family had known about it for quite some time.

Although he is in good spirits and close to WOOOOOing again, Flair will be unable to attend the anticipated "Roast of Ric Flair" which had been scheduled to headline the Starrcast II event on Friday. 

In an interview with CBS Sports last month, Thompson revealed that "The Roast of Ric Flair" would be very similar to the Comedy Central Roasts, with a dais featuring "a who's who of stand-up comedians" such as Dan Soder, Taylor Williamson, Mike Lawrence and Dan St. Germain.

Hopefully they'll be able to reschedule once The Nature Boy is fully recovered.

Deontay Wilder Claps Back At Tyson Fury For "Suck My Nuts" Comments 

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have been embroiled in beef for a while now, with it culminating in their December 2018 fight where Fury was trying to take the WBC Heavyweight Title away from Wilder. In the end, the two fought to a draw which was a pretty controversial decision at the time. The two have been going back and forth on a potential rematch, with both fighters confident that they would win. Just yesterday, Fury showed the ultimate disrespect to Wilder saying the heavyweight can "suck [his] nuts."

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Wilder to talk about Fury's recent comments and the WBC champion didn't hold back. If you remember, Wilder knocked Fury down twice in the fight and used that as his main point against the English fighter.

"I gave him a memory loss to the point where he don't know how he got on the ground, nor do he know how he got up," Wilder said.

The Bronze Bomber also explained how he's not interested in a rematch with Fury right now and would rather become the undisputed champ which means he needs to fight against Anthony Joshua. While many fans want this fight to happen, it seems like both sides can't agree on a time and place.

Tim Allen Warned Tom Hanks Of The Emotional Ending Of "Toy Story 4"  

Toy Story 4 hits theatres June 21st and while Tom Hanks has already expressed how emotional the movie's franchise is ending, he's now detailed the latter even more on his recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres show. 

"This is the end of the series and I had gotten some texts from Tim, Tim Allen, who plays Buzz Lightyear 'the astronaut,'" Tom told Ellen and her studio audience. "These texts would say, 'Have you recorded yet? Have you been in? Have you had a session yet?' And I said, no, not yet. [Then he texted] 'You haven't seen those last pages?'"

Tom was explaining how at the time, he hadn't read the script and the warning shots from Tim were well deserved. "[He said] 'Wait till you see those last pages, tough one, tough one,'" Tom added. "He said it like that, and it was. The last few sessions were, we were saying goodbye to Woody and Buzz and Bonnie's room and Andy and everybody and it was emotional."

Watch the clip in full below.

"Wonderful full body story. You are all going to love the work this incredible team at Pixar created. We are all going to love this its got everything," Tom previously shared on Twitter.  

We're ready for it. 

Tee Grizzley Announces Release Date For "Scriptures"  

While we've been going about our day-to-day lives, Tee Grizzley and Timbaland have been putting in work behind studio doors. Now, the Detroit rapper has finally unveiled the fruits of his labor, which arrives by way of a new album titled Scriptures. The project, which arrives on June 7th, will be Grizzley's first release of the year, following a prolific 2018 campaign with both Activated and Still My Moment arriving within months of one another. Now, Grizzley stands on the verge of dropping his strongest effort thus far, opting to take the solo route in the process - unless you count Timbaland, who has played a pivotal role in helping shape the sounds of Grizzley's next step. 

"I’m going #1 wit this one with no features‼️" vows Grizzley, alongside the official announcement post. "Drop a 🐻🔥in the comments of you ready!" The news arrives on the heel of back-to-back hits, including "God's Warrior" and "Locked Up," both of which are likely to appear on the upcoming Scriptures. 

If that wasn't enough, Tee Grizzley has sweetened the pot with an intriguing offer. Those who buy the album will also be granted access to his video game, which arrives on the same day as the music. Be sure to check out the teaser below. You excited for some new music from one of Detroit's finest?

Giannis Antetokounmpo Named All-Defensive First Team For The First Time 

The NBA has today announced the 2018-19 All-Defensive First Team, featuring Milwaukee Bucks teammates Giannis Antetokounmpo and Eric Bledsoe, as well as Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George, and Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart.

Giannis, Gobert and George - the three finalists for the 2018-19 Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award - finished with nearly identical point totals as the top vote-getters for the NBA All-Defensive Teams.

Gobert led all with 196 of a possible 200 points (97 First Team votes), as he earned First Team honors for the third consecutive season. PG received 195 points (96 First Team votes) while Giannis earned 193 points (94 First Team votes) en route to his first First Team selection. The winner of the 2018-19 Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award will be revealed at the third annual NBA Awards on Monday, June 24 at 9pm ET on TNT. 

The 2018-19 NBA All-Defensive Second Team consists of New Orleans guard Jrue Holiday (90 points), Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (82), Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid (80), Warriors forward Draymond Green (61) and Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard (39).  This is the first NBA All-Defensive Team selection for Thompson, a five-time NBA All-Star.

According to, the NBA All-Defensive Teams were selected by a global panel of 100 sportswriters and broadcasters.  Players were awarded two points for each First Team vote and one point for each Second Team vote.  Voters selected two guards, two forwards and one center for each team, choosing players at the position they play regularly.  Players who received votes at multiple positions were slotted at the position where they received the most votes.

SZA Previews New & Unreleased Music Ahead Of "CTRL" Follow-Up Album 

SZA's been doing a few collaborations as of late that includes her Game of Thrones "Power to Power" track with Travis Scott and The Weeknd as well as her latest DJ Khaled tune, "Just Us." While it's all nice and sweet, it's safe to say fans are really waiting for another tape by the "Love Galore" singer. The last album by SZA was the beloved CTRL that recently celebrated 100 weeks on the Billboard charts. "God forever working harder than satan. THANK YOU," she captioned the news. 

More recently, SZA has been giving us little teasers of what we can expect from her upcoming releases by sharing snippets to her social media. The first two clips below hear some luscious intros to some tracks, as well as SZA singing about wanting to be herself. 

The next clip is a longer one, revealing a detailed preview of SZA's lyrical offering and where she's coming from as an artist at this moment in time. 

We can only hope this tape is as well received at CTRL, so it sparks SZA to not make it her last. "My world got so much smaller so fast. I have so much to write about. I feel like I’m in a cage," SZA previously stated about her career plans. "I’m making the best album of my life for this next album and I know that... because it’s going to be my last album.”

Say it ain't so. 

Did Giannis Antetokounmpo's Signature Shoe Release Date Leak Early? 

Giannis Antetokounmpo was one of the best players in the NBA this season thanks to his monstrous dunks and staunch defense. The Greek Freak is one of the three finalists for the MVP award and he is easily one of the most deserving. In addition to his great play on the court, Giannis is set to receive his very own signature shoe with Nike dubbed the Nike Zoom Freak 1.

So far, there have been leaked images of the shoe including the blue and orange colorway which can be seen below. There has been very little information regarding this shoe and its release date, although now we may have a hint. Solestory, a Swedish retailer, recently added the shoe to its Release Calendar, with a "TOTAL ORANGE/MIDNIGHT NAVY-WHITE" colorway set to drop on June 29th of this year.

Image via Solestory

The Bucks star has yet to play a game in his new shoe and there hasn't been much information in terms of pricing on the sneaker. It seems as though Nike is trying to keep everything a secret right now so it's surprising to see this information come to the surface.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this shoe as we will be sure to bring them to you.


Cardi B Files Trademark For "Bocktails With Cardi B" Television Show 

Being a new mom, chart-topping rapper and Fashion Nova enthusiasts isn't all that Cardi B's got on her agenda. The "Money" rapper now wants to venture back into the television world since new reports from TMZ detail how she's filed a trademark for the name "Bocktails with Cardi B."

According to the publication, the premise of the show is to produce "entertainment services in the nature of providing ongoing episodes for distribution via television and the Internet featuring celebrities and artists." The plan is to produce more than just a show, but also helm a collection of "clothing, including shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, hats, caps, footwear, skirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters, pants and shorts."

Even more, Cardi wants to use her trademarked name for "alcoholic beverages, except beer and beverages containing beer."

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In other Cardi news, her latest single "Wish Wish" that's the second track on DJ Khaled's Father of Asahd album is yet another hit to take us into the summer. Cardi recently shared a note to Twitter, detailing just how much she loves working with Khaled as producer. 

"On some personal shit lols what I like about DJKHALED is every time he talks to anybody he always say” bless up “ have a beautiful day “I hope you doing good” how’s the baby?”Its like a positive positive person like if all his chakras are balance😩and I love that," she wrote.