Three NYPD Officers Have Committed Suicide In Less Than 10 Days 

We are reporting on unfortunate news today. According to CNN, a total of three members of the New York Police Department have committed suicide in less than 10 days based on reports by the Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill. The suicide chain began last week when a respected chief and experienced detective which O'Neill described as a "promising 29-year-old police officer with six years on the job" ended his life. Two more cops proceeded to end their lives shorty afterward. The occurrence is what the Police Commissioner calls a "mental health crisis." 

"And we -- the NYPD and the law enforcement profession as a whole -- absolutely must take action," O'Neill shared in a statement. "This cannot be allowed to continue. Cops spend so much of their days assisting others. But before we can help the people we serve, it is imperative that we first help ourselves." The commissioner urged members of the police force to "connect yourself or your friends and colleagues to the assistance that is so close by. We must take care of each other. We must address the issue -- now --- because it will not go away on its own. We must speak out. And we must end this crisis, together."


OJ Simpson Is Officially On Twitter 

OJ Simpson recently made his Twitter debut. This past Friday night, the controversial athlete signed up on Twitter and posted the first video to his new account to announce his presence. "Hey Twitter world this is yours truly," began Simpson with a wide smile on his face. "Now coming soon to Twitter, you’ll get to read my thoughts and opinions on just about everything. Now there’s a lot of fake O.J. accounts out there so this one — @TheRealOJ32 — is the only official one. So, it should be a lot of fun. I got some getting even to do. So God bless. Take care." Hence, you may follow OJ Simpson and get a glimpse into his thoughts whenever he tweets. We do wonder what he will tweet about.

The latest news surrounding the Hall of Famer and ex-con surrounds quite the rumors. We reported on OJ Sipson's former manager, Norman Parado, claiming that OJ Simpson used to brag about "breaking" Kris Jenner with his sexual skills. The aforementioned encounter allegedly occurred in a hot-tub during the 1990s while Simpson, Kris, and Robert Kardashian along with the late Nicole were on a couple's vacation. You may read further about the shocking story here


Seth Rogen's New Hobby Is Making Ceramic Ashtrays 

Less than a week ago, the trailer for the Seth Rogen-produced "Good Boys" was released, giving fans a glimpse of the upcoming R-rated movie about middle schoolers. Set to hit theatres on August 16th, the comedy will employ the brains behind Superbad, Sausage Party and Neighbors. But it seems as if producing a movie is not enough to occupy the time of the recently glowed-up Actor, director, producer and writer, Seth Rogen, as it now seems as though he's taken up the title of "ashtray connoisseur" as well. 

Rogen‘s new hobby is making his own ceramic ashtrays (and vases) and sharing the results with his 6.8 million followers on Instagram. Rogen recently told GQ “There’s something that’s so therapeutic about it. It’s like yoga, if you got a thing at the end. If you were doing yoga and then some object was produced at the end of it.”

His new outlet already goes hand in hand with his longtime pastime of smoking bud, and as co-launcher of his new cannabis company Houseplant, he could potentially even sell some of his DIY ashtrays on the side. GARAGE Magazine asks a product and operations manager at Glossier if Rogan’s ashtrays are even good, to which she says “I would totally buy them, because it looks like someone really enjoyed the process.”

Burna Boy Drops "Anybody" Video In Anticipation Of "African Giant" 

Burna Boy's memorable 2019 isn't showing any signs of slowing up. After dropping the unexpected Steel & Copper EP with American production duo DJDS, Burna Boy is trying his darndest to restore order in his cabinet. Precisely two days ago, the Nigerian songster released both song and video for "Anybody" his entry to the unfinished list of summer anthems for 2019.

Burna Boy's ardent supporters are well aware of his stated desire to complete his banner project African Giant, before summer's end. If he doesn't achieve this goal within the allotted time frame, he'll have made an adversary out of the ingrates, and patience from the rest of us. Well before African Giant was even in proto-production, Burna Boy was already in the midst of creating a sound in the overseas market.

In January the official Coachella poster was submitted with his name in lower cases, leading him to demand better "press coverage" from the festival's organizers/marketing dept. In spite of the fact, his demands ultimately fell on deaf ears, Burna Boy continues to promote positivity at every given opportunity, often by drafting a co-lead in his music videos - this here the exception. Check out "Anybody" and hit us with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

Je kawon badi yen jen be
I dey kaku dey gbese
Jejeli jeje jeje
I been dey answer them yes sir
Now na me dem dey answer yes sir
Respect is reciprocal
Even though una know say I special.

- Burna Boy

Megan Thee Stallion Reveals "Cognac Queen" Beauty Pageant: Report 

Megan Thee Stallion has been making waves lately within the music industry. And the recent release of the Houston rapper's project, Fever, has only furthered her reign. We recently reported on the hottie being spotted twerking on R&B songstress Kehlani's head, in an interesting new video. The latter was right after Megan was seen hanging out and sharing laughs with rapper Wiz Khalifa. Yet aside from hanging out with celebrities and making good music, Megan also ensures to leave time for external ventures. The Houston hottie recently shared exciting news with her 2.2 million followers. The news was specifically aimed at the rapper's fans who are still in college. 

"Good morning hotties ! I’m having the first ever COGNAC QUEEN PAGEANT IN LOS ANGELES CA❤️🔥 so of course I love to drive the boat and have a good time but I also have to be focused on my craft and being a student! I want to do something for my college hotties and I can’t wait to announce what the prize is ! CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO ENTER !" So there you have it, Megan Thee Stallion is hosting her very first beauty pageant. Hence, any college-attending hotties who would love a chance to drive the boat, you may want to consider signing up for Megan's fun initiative.

Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Expecting Baby With Former NFL Player 

Just recently, we reported that Tiger Woods and his girlfriend Erica Herman were hit with a wrongful death lawsuit from one of their employees, Nicholas Immesberger's, family, who believed the Hotel Woods owned with his girlfriend was to blame for over serving their son alcohol prior to his car crash. And now, Woods' stream of bad luck seems to be continuing, as news sees his ex-wife pregnant with an ex-NFL player. The two divorced  back in 2010 following Woods' cheating scandal, and it has been reported that she has since dated wealthy businessman Jamie Dingman and coal magnate Chris Cline.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Wood's former wife, Elin Nordegren, is expecting a baby with former NFL star Jordan Cameron, who played for the Miami Dolphins, Page Six has revealed. The Swedish beauty Elin, 39, was just spotted showing off her baby bump at a sporting event for the son she shares with with Woods, Charlie, near her Florida home. Sources have told Page Six that Elin has been dating former Dolphins and Cleveland Browns star Cameron, 30, for more than two years, but the couple has kept their relationship extremely private. Another source reportedly said that, “Elin is very private, she has been dating Jordan for a number of years, and they have kept their relationship very under wraps. Her friends are so happy for her because he is wonderful. Both Elin and Jordan have previously said they’d love to have more children, and Elin’s kids with Tiger, Sam and Charlie are really excited about having a new little brother or sister.”


Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

While Woods made a historic comeback to win the Masters in April and was congratulated by President Trump awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House, Elin has been quietly expecting a child with Cameron, who also has a son Tristan, 10, from a previous relationship. It is believed Nordegren - who is said to have been quietly living with Cameron at her North Palm Beach private community - will give birth in the fall. It is not believed they are yet engaged.




Disneyland Set To Launch Marvel Comics-Themed Amusement Park: Report 

Disneyland just dropped major dollars to launch a park extension. Following the recent opening of the Star Wars-themed park in California, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, the business company announced it would be working on doing something similar, but with the world of Marvel Comics. According to People, the company just filed a construction permit for a 2020 project inspired by the Marvel Comics, precisely a new amusement park which will be home to attractions tied to Marvel comics and movies. The Los Angeles Times further reported that the construction permits obtained detail work which exceeds $14 million dollars to have refurbished bathrooms, a microbrewery built and construct an area for guests to meet their favorite superhero characters. 

Moreover, the permits also indicate that the city approved a 2,071-square-foot merchandise outlet. The new land will take over a portion of A Bug's Land, which closed back in September and was inspired by the 1998 movie, A Bug's Life. Thus far, a temporary wall has been set-up to hint at the oncoming project by displaying the words "Stark Industries," -- in honor of Iron Man Tony Stark's fictional business. Disney officials declined to comment on any other features of the land, but fans can surely expect quite the amusement park.


Drake's Show "Euphoria" Sparks Controversy For Episode Containing Nearly 30 Penises 

After the success of Game Of Thrones, HBO is looking for their next big goldmine. The network has an amazing track record for creating some of the most buzzworthy television shows and their next series has all the makings of something that will stick with audiences. The creator of Euphoria recently told The Hollywood Reporter that it might be the most graphic depiction of teen life to ever air on the small screen and if this is anything to work off of, we can most certainly confirm. 

The new series, which stars Zendaya and was produced by Drake, is set to premiere on June 16 and we'll be able to witness just how bold the production truly is then. However, we've got a pretty good idea of what's to come after a report was published that one episode contains nearly thirty penises in it. The pilot episode alone is set to shock audiences with scenes of statutory rape, a drug overdose by Zendaya's character and a sex scene involving choking. 

Gary Miller/Getty Images -- Zendaya attends the premiere of HBO's Euphoria during the ATX Television Festival at the Paramount Theatre on May 6, 2019 in Austin, Texas

The show is reportedly so graphic that they had to cut down the nudity in the second episode, which featured a locker room full of high school boys changing. Apparently, the original shot contained upwards of eighty men wearing nothing at all but the network voiced concerns over it, accepting a slimmed down version of the extreme content.

Will you be tuning into Euphoria?

Queen Key Takes No Prisoners In Her HNHH Freestyle Session 

Queen Key's first appearance on our platform came in the wake of a tour announcement. In August of last year, she was enlisted alongside Southside, as the supporting for G Herbo's SWERVO tour. Since then, she's managed to increase her profile tenfold, off the strength of a host of one-off ventures leading up to her debut, the unabashedly titled  Eat My Pussy Again.

Within a month of debuting the title, Queen Key was kind enough to grace us with her presence in NY, in the prolongation of our all-essential HNHH Freestyle series. Queen Key's appearance marks the 62nd episode since our launch in 2017 with Chaz French behind the steel curtain. Queen's freestyle is unique in its conception, for Dmac provides the instrumental for this special occasion. You may recall hearing Dmac called upon in the past, but never on a cypher session so intimate. Peep the latest freestyle below and make sure you subscribe to HNHH TV for more exclusive content with your favorite artists.

Quotable Lyrics:

I'm the Queen because I empower those around me
A lot of hoes be mad, so I don't have those hoes around me
I might take a n***a's savings, spend it on some boots
My old n****s be hanging out, that's pussies in cahoots.

- Queen Key

Texas Alligator Found Swimming With A Knife In Its Head 

Interesting news reported by CNN recently, an alligator was found in quite a predicament. Although alligators are known to populate the swamps and rivers of the southeastern United States, a local by the name of Erin Weaver spotted one swimming near her Houston home with an unusual head accessory. "It looked like a steak knife that was sticking out of his head," shared Weaver with CNN's affiliate KTRK. In the six years Weaver has lived there, she has never experienced any issues with the nearby alligators. None of them have ever acted aggressively or attacked the residents of her neighborhood. Moreover, along the years, they have even gone onto becoming welcomed guests in the neighborhood. Hence, upon realizing that somebody could stick a knife in the animal's stuck, Weaver felt a strong concern. 

"I feel that somebody did this on purpose," she added. Furthermore, a Texas Wildlife agency was contacted and is expected to come check out the alligator sometime next week. In the meantime, both Weaver and her neighbors are acting as advocates for the injured creature. "I want to get help for this alligator. I don't want to see an alligator swimming around with a knife in its head and suffering," were the Texan's words. Luckily, alligators are resilient with thick skulls. 

GoldLink & WizKid Speak No Evil On "No Lie" 

GoldLink's collaboration with WizKid felt like inevitably for a couple of reasons. For starters, the DMV rapper/singer has become a frequent flyer within the Nigerian peninsula, judging by his work with Maleek Berry and Santi in the past few months. Leading up to the submission of Diaspora, GoldLink enlisted all the right helpers, like Nigeria's own P2J, the main executor of the production team that crafted "No Lie" featuring WizKid - a standout on his new project.

P2J is, after all, noted for his textural influence on the reigning Afrobeats sound predicated by such artists as Tiwa Savage, for whom he laid the groundwork "Get It Now" and countless other hit records. The reality is that GoldLink has done what A Boogie couldn't do before him: create a palatable center for the World's best to gather, musically. "No Lie" is certainly a major proponent of how the internal webbing came to essence so naturally.

Quotable Lyrics:

Act like you don't know me
Mi no lie
I do this thing and I do this thing for real
Mi no lie
Got a couple girls and guys who could die for me
Mi no lie
Buss' up the party and everything, doo, doo
Mi no lie.

- WizKid

"Stranger Things" Star Will Host Netflix Prank Show: Report 

New reports by The Hollywood Reporter indicates that a Stranger Things star will be carrying on a major project with Netflix soon. According to the news outlet, Gaten Matarazzo, who plays the role of Dustin Henderson in the Netflix science-fiction drama Stranger Things, was recently scouted for a second show on Netflix. Matarazzo will be hosting and executively producing a new series called Prank Encounters. The show will consist of a hidden-camera style and is scheduled to premiere later in 2019.

Netflix officials have thus far described the upcoming series as a "terrifying and hilarious prank show" that takes two complete strangers who each think they're starting their first day at a new job. It's business as usual until their paths cross and their part-time jobs turn into full-time nightmares." The idea for the show stemmed from Propagate and will involve executive producers Ben Silverman, Howard T. Owens, Kevin Healy along with Rob Hyde (Terrance Howard's Fright Club). Moreover, the director behind Undercover Boss and Dance Moms, Anthony Gonzales, will also take on a directing role on the upcoming prank series. 

Though as of now, no exact date has been given for the show's airing, we note a total of eight episodes in its first season.


Drake Debuts "Omerta" & "Money In The Grave:" Social Media Responds In Memes 

In the immediate aftermath of Toronto clinching its inaugural NBA Championship, Drake vowed to deliver new material commensurate with the sentimental climate. Within 24 hours of posting the disclaimer amidst the rabid celebrations, two new songs entered the atmosphere in truncated fashion. The first order of business was a single titled "Omerta" made out in the codified language of La Cosa Nostra. The second offering came in the form of the reunion he promised with Rick Ross, a no-frills number titled "Money in the Grave." As you might expect, both his giveaways are currently enjoying an unprecedented buzz on social media, all within a short window of 6 hours.

The Internet has responded to the preliminary offerings with the enthusiasm usually attributed to first-time parents in a triage facility. Factor in the wait Rozay fans were made to endure since the pair dropped "Aston Martin Music" nearly 10 years ago, and it's safe to say: Drake has met consumer expectations by a fair margin.

Come to think of it, Drake is said to have passed over "Aston Martin Music" prior to its inclusion on Teflon Don, only for the heir apparent to have second thoughts upon hearing Rick Ross' interpretation of the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League instrumental. All in all, Drake's Championship-themed offering looks set to reach an overwhelming consensus from the general public, at this early stage of its deployment. What do you guys make of the songs, hit us with your comments down below?

Drake's Father Explains Why Rapper Didn't Attend Oakland Games During Finals 

When the Toronto Raptors took to their home court, Drake was right there on the sidelines cheering them on. He may have been a thorn in the side of their competitors, but the Raptors ambassador didn't mind the criticisms of his courtside behavior. However, not everyone thought that all was fair in love and basketball, and hoards of Golden State Warriors fans dared the OVO rapper to take those antics to the Bay Area.

Yet, Drake was nowhere to be found during his team's away games, as he mentioned on his Instagram Live that he was told to keep his distance because of "security issues." TMZcameramen were lurking around the L.A. restaurant Delilah, a favorite among celebrities, when they stumbled upon Drake's father, Dennis Graham. The paparazzo asked Graham about the specifics of his son's "security issues" and he said, "Being in another state...When people see you in Toronto and you're making sideline things like that you have to be careful...with the rowdy fans, you can't take chances."

According to TMZ, it was the NBA who reached out to Drake and told him to stay away from Oakland when the Golden State Warriors were playing at home. Graham thought it was a better idea for his son to watch the away games from the Jurassic Park in Toronto.

Cassie Previews New Track "Moments" Following Pregnancy Announcement 

The world is still reeling from the news that Cassie Ventura is preparing for motherhood with her boyfriend of eight months, Alex Fine. The couple announced the good news on Instagram Thursday, sharing with fans that they're expecting a daughter. "Can’t wait to meet our baby girl 💗," Cassie wrote. "Love You Always & Forever." On Fine's page, he shared two touching love letters: one for Cassie and the other for their unborn child.

Of course, commenters made jokes at Diddy's expense, but the hip hop mogul shared an image of the couple on his Instagram showing nothing but love for the soon-to-be-parents. He wrote, "Congratulations @Cassie and Alex. I wish you all nothing but love and happiness. God bless ❤️❤️❤️ L O V E." The day after Cassie revealed her baby news, she followed up with an audio clip of a new song titled "Moments." There were rumors earlier this year that the singer had returned to the studio to record new music, so fans were excited to get a taste of what she's been working on.

Other than the brief audio, Cassie didn't offer up much else. The song was uploaded without a caption, and there hasn't been news from her camp on when the single, or an album, can be expected. Check out Cassie's new track and let us know if the "Me & U" singer has a hit on her hands.

Juelz Santana & Kimbella Sued Over $17K In Condo Maintenance Fees 

Hip hop couple Juelz Santana and Kimbella have been in the headlines for money troubles in the past, and Bossip is reporting that they're once again having financial issues. Last year, Santana turned himself in so that he may begin serving out a 27-month sentence. The Dipset member was convicted of boarding a plane in Newark, New Jersey with a loaded weapon. 

Just weeks ago, a heavy-pregnant Kimbella shared on social media that she's doing the best she can to hold down the household while her man is away. "I travel to Virginia every other week with my children to see my husband so they can spend quality time with their father," she wrote. "It feels so good to spend those hours with him during our visits, It’s not easy but I know that is what I’m supposed to do! It’s tough not having my husband by my side these past 3 months!! I’m staying positive, busy and holding our empire down! That’s ALL I KNOW!"

According to Bossip, the Love & Hip Hop New York couple are being sued for not paying the maintenance fees on their condo for a year. The Courts of Glenpointe Condominium Association has filed a lawsuit against the pair for breach of contract, stating that they now owe $17,303 in back fees that have accumulated from $1,041 per month. The condo is asking for the fees to be paid in full including the late charges, and they also want their lawyer costs covered.

Although Santana purchased the property back in 2005 for $540,000, there have been reports that he's struggled with maintaining the mortgage payments. Court records show that the condo has been in and out of foreclosure. The condominium complex has also been the home of other artists including SWV and the Notorious B.I.G. 

Drake Has A Message For His Foes On "Omertà" 

Fans have been impatiently waiting on Drake to drop his The Best In The World Pack singles "Omertà" and "Money in the Grave." Drizzy announced that he'd be gifting the world with new tunes following the impressive NBA Finals win by the Toronto Raptors, making them the 2019 Champions. The Raptors' ambassador couldn't quell his excitement throughout the Playoffs or Finals, and his behavior was often the subject of criticism. No matter, Drake was his team's number one cheerleader and celebrated the victory for himself, his team, and his city.

On "Omertà," the OVO mogul opts for a straightforward approach as he slyly addresses a few controversies attached to his image. "Last year, niggas really feel like they rode on me/Last year, niggas got hot 'cause they told on me," he rhymes about the lyrical battle he engaged in with Pusha T. Contrary to rumors, "Omertà" isn't an homage to the Raptors—or Toronto, for that matter—but fans don't seem to mind. Check out "Omertà" and let us know your favorite lyrics on the track. Make sure to listen to "Money in the Grave" featuring Rick Ross here.

Quotable Lyrics

So much, we gotta count the twenties up in a different room
I am just a body that my brothers are living through
Keeping my connections strictly physical
Everyone that's married is miserable
I know that that is not a lifestyle I can give into
The rise to the top of this mountain has been biblical
I don't carry cash 'cause the money is digital

Drake & Rick Ross Boss Up On "Money In The Grave" 

Meanwhile, in Toronto, the plans are being laid to stage a new national holiday in celebration of the Toronto Raptor's first historical NBA championship victory. Even if the government officials fail to recognize said holiday, it will hold symbolic value nonetheless. And what better way to honor the triumphant victory than with a pair of new Drake tracks?

Though he's likely nursing a hangover for the ages, Drizzy made sure to keep his word and drop off a two pack, featuring "Omertà" and "Money In The Grave." The latter track marks a meeting of the bosses, reuniting Drake with his frequent collaborator Rick Ross. It's been a minute since the pair exchanged words on wax, but their track record certainly speaks for itself. "Lord Knows" remains an essential Drake anthem, likewise for "Aston Martin Music." While it's a little too assess where "Money In The Grave" stands in the grand scheme of things, it makes for a welcome start to Drizzy's 2019 musical campaign. Lest we forget, the last two pack was the predecessor to a double LP, and history does have a tendency to repeat itself. Check out "Omertà" here.

Quotable Lyrics

I got hoes that I'm keeping in the dark
I got my n*ggas 'cross the street living large
Thinking back to the fact that they dead
Thought my raps wasn't facts 'til they sat with the bars
I got two phones, one need a charge
Yeah, they twins, I could tell they ass apart
I got big packs coming on the way
I got big stacks coming out the safe

DJ Pharris Links With Young Dolph & G Herbo For "BO$$" 

Some would say that money, power, and respect is what makes one a boss, and DJ Pharris, Young Dolph, and G Herbo attempt to exude that energy on their latest single. Pharris called on the two rappers to assist him on "BO$$" where they each brag about status, women, and ballin' bank accounts throughout. Just a day after dropping the single, the trio released a dark and fiery accompanying visual. There were stacks of burning bills, scantily clad women, and flashes of luxury cars as the men boasted about their boss moves.

Pharris has been in the game for a while now and has worked with artists including Kanye West, Future, Chief Keef, Lil Bibby, and R. Kelly. When he's not cooking up his own music in the studio, he's featured on Power 92.3 radio station or showing off his acting chops on The Chi.

Quotable Lyrics

Then said f*ck, we're spendin' a mil
I got too many spots, I forgot where I live
Besides the holla tips, I don't got sh*t to give
She gone on the pills, I'm gone on the mills

Guapdad 4000 Loses NBA Finals Bet To Drake, Dresses In Dinosaur Costume 

Everyone who placed bets with Drake that the Toronto Raptors would lose the NBA Finals has to pay up, and rapper Guapdad 4000 had to do so in a major way. The Cali rapper dressed up in a dinosaur costume while holding a sign on the Bay Bridge that read, "Kawhi + Drake Beat the Bay." It's safe to say that drivers on the highway didn't appreciate it.

Drake shared a clip of Guap fulfilling his end of the bargain on Instagram. "I always respect a man that honors his bets," Drake wrote as the caption. "Thanks @guapdad4000 for this kind gesture and make sure to go check out his new video for Flossin cause it’s actually fire don’t judge him based off the fact that he’s in a Dino costume celebrating our win in his own city."

Guap shared the video on his own Instagram page with the caption, "IM A MAN OF MY WORD @champagnepapi." He added, "It’s still Dub Nation." He also shared a screenshot of the text message conversation he had with Drake when they were working out the details of the bet. Apparently, the original sign was supposed to read, "Canada beat us." Definitely not as interesting.