Mariah The Scientist Earns Tory Lanez Approval On "Reminders" 

There's a new artist by the name of Mariah The Scientist looking to make a splash, and she's already packing a steady co-sign from Canada's very own Tory Lanez. In fact, Fargo believes in Mariah so much that he held it down as executive producer on her upcoming debut The Master. The rapper is so passionate about his protoge that he all-but-channeled the "older brother" archetype in an emotional and hype-inducing Instagram post: "Baby sis , I watched u slave over this project for so long in the studio," he wrote, making it clear that Mariah is one to be watched. "Genuinely proud of you and this body of work so much . THE WORLD will finally get to hear the incredible creative talent u have in songwriting , and in every vocal u sing."

Now, Complex has premiered her latest single "Reminders," which serves as a hint of what's to be expected. Taking to a nostalgic, 80s-fuelled synthpop ballad, Mariah floats airy vocals with a noted sense of purpose. Claiming to have penned the track in a mere five minutes, "Reminders" centers around the dangers of a toxic relationship. Speaking with Complex, Mariah breaks down some of her lines, explaining: 'I know you didn't mean it,' really signifies how someone can kill off their partner's security in a relationship, even if they didn't mean to."

Look for The Master to arrive on Friday August 23rd, executive produced by Big Fargo himself. 

Quotable Lyrics

Is it a crime that I planned to leave you in our Brooklyn apartment?
It seems like it ended before it got started
Know that our parents caught it,
Said I'd end up broken-hearted

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 "Magnet" Announced For September 

Kanye West and Adidas have a plethora of new Yeezy silhouettes in the pipeline, including the first-ever Yeezy Basketball sneaker, the "Alien" Yeezy 350 V3 and the newly unveiled Yeezy 500 High.

Additionally, new colorways of the Yeezy Boost 700 and Yeezy Boost 700 V2 are also in the works. Among the 700s on deck for September is the "Magnet" rendition, which is now expected to launch on September 4.

The kicks look very similar to the OG "Wave Runner" Yeezy Boost 700 with shades of grey and black combining on the upper. The "Magnet" Yeezy Boost 700 also features a white Boost midsole with splashes of orange and a timeless gum outsole beneath it all.

Check out some additional photos below, and click here to preview the "Inertia" Yeezy Boost 700 V2 that is also slated to release in early September.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Magnet/Yzysplyleaks

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Magnet/Yzysplyleaks

Duke Deuce Dances Might Start Another Viral Dance Challenge With "Grab A..." Video 

In June, Duke Deuce dropped the music video for "Yeh", one of his other cuts off of Quality Control: Control The Streets Vol. 2. Within a month, the video had accumulated its first million views (it has now surpassed the three million mark), which can be largely credited to the "Style Dance" featured in it. The "Style Dance" that Duke Deuce and his homies do in the video is a variation of Memphis juking that people started emulating on social media. Duke Deuce is already a hometown sensation, but now that he has signed to Quality Control and is featured three times on their star-studded compilation album, expect to be seeing his charismatic raps and videos spreading widely soon. 

The video for the Tay Keith-produced track, "Grab A...", follows the same formula that sent "Yeh" into viral territory. Duke and his friends do some more choreographed dancing on a Tarmac. The party alternates back and forth from being located within a jet and adjacent to it. His cadence on the chorus has the playful energy of a nursery rhyme. It'll have you bobbing along and laughing as you watch glock-toting pilots join the dance circle. When Duke Deuce raps, "I'm the illest in the city, even got the nuns fucking with me," a seductive nun suddenly appears in the jet to vibe with the rest of them. All in all, this video is a good time. 

Lil Uzi Vert & Yo Gotti Announce New Song "Pose" Dropping This Week 

New music from Lil Uzi Vert has been a rarity in the past two years. In fact, it's damn-near been two years since he released Luv Is Rage and the journey for his sophomore has been relatively dry. We received a total of three songs from him this year which is two more than we got in 2018 but every so often, he comes through with a fire guest verse. However, maybe, just maybe, we'll actually get Eternal Atake this year. Although the #FreeUzi campaign is still going strong, he does have some new heat coming later this week.

Yo Gotti and Lil Uzi Vert will be setting streaming services ablaze this Friday with their new single, "Pose," according to a press release from Epic. The new single was announced earlier today and marks their first collaboration together. It'll be interesting to hear what they have up their sleeve but either way, we're excited to hear new music from both Uzi and Yo Gotti. 

It looks like this single could lead to the official rollout for Yo Gotti's new album. Earlier this year, he teamed up with Lil Baby for "Put A Date On It" which signified the beginning of an even bigger relationship between the two. While Gotti's been working on a new album, he's also been expanding the Collective Music Group roster. He teamed up with Lil Baby to sign 42 Dugg to a joint deal with 4PF and CMG.

Trippie Redd Responds To Album Criticism With Cheeky Meme 

Trippie Redd’s latest album, !, dropped earlier this month and has been receiving mix reviews from critics and fans alike. Pitchfork’s Sheldon Pearce has described the album as “dull and unimaginative on top of being restrictive in form,” and given it a 5.5 rating. Anthony Fantano of the TheNeedleDrop shared these sentiments handing the record a “Not Good” rating. 

Trippie Redd’s latest Instagram post is a direct response to the backlash his latest project has been experiencing. The post is a screenshot of a tweet reading “When people are still calling you trash and you put out a versatile album,” followed by Trippie’s own caption, “🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤓 like every year I drop tho nun new 💕💕💕👁 oh and p.s FUCK SPONGEBOB 🧽 🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽.” 

Some fans seem more offended by the Spongebob diss than the sonic insult they felt that Trippie’s album was, “Took a L for dissin Spongebob” one fan wrote. Another echoed with, “you did not just disrespect spongebob like that….” Others focused on the removal of the track, “They Afraid Of You” featuring Playboi Carti from the album. “Can u put the carti feature back up,” one fan asked politely. We asked Trippie for an explanation; to which, he replied, “Hell yeah, I should just let them be theories, they can just come up with theories about Playboi Carti. We just gon' leave 'em in the blind.”

Young Thug "So Much Fun" Review 

Young Thug was quick to become a critical darling. While some figures are relegated to that type of “fame” for the majority of their careers, never quite able to seep into the general public consciousness beyond whatever online pens or print authorities might say, Thug’s popularity trickled down-- the more he released, the more fans he earned, eventually picking up a cult-like following that spans everyone from not-so-angsty teenage white girls to grown-ass men to, as of late, grandmas. 

Thugger’s progression hasn’t necessarily been linear, though. Similar to the way he weaves a warbled, tangled web of words, his career roll-out, whether the fault of the label’s or at Thug’s own behest (looking at you, HiTunes), has been wayward. There’s always been a ceiling, seemingly of Thug’s own creation, atop his career, refusing to allow a mainstream audience to overtake him. The blueprint he continues to lay along the way has been picked up in real time, examined, pulled apart and replicated by almost every rapper to come out since 2011.

Up until this point, Young Thug would often confound an apparent lack of self-awareness with a no-fucks-given attitude. The two qualities are difficult to decipher when it comes to Thug, bleeding into one another, leaving us to question the rapper’s motive, if there even is a motive. His 2018 EP titled Hear No Evil, is one such case: the three-song effort featured catchy tunes, each featuring a high-profile and in-demand artist-- edging out their chances of rampant radio play thanks to R-Rated lyrical content. Does Thug not know what he’s doing? It would be a disservice to say that much about the ATLien. And, finally, with the release of So Much Fun, he’s finally letting us know that he knows.

“Just How It Is” starts Thug’s own chorus of muted ‘woo woo’s’ sided by closed hi-hats and the plucking of a guitar. Thug’s woo’s, the audible form of ‘fun’ as it were, carries throughout the length of the album. The album is squealing, squeaking, squawking, and just about every other fun noise you can make, thanks to production from Wheezy, P’ierre Bourne, ATL Jacob, Southside and others.  

As with any new Thug project, there is a clear evolution-- and perhaps that’s what always makes a new Thug release so exciting, we’re bound to receive something as-of-yet unheard-- albeit, Thug doesn’t take too many risks musically-speaking in this go-round. Instead, he’s giving us some of his most personable bars yet, not only in the sense of information, but also because of his focus on enunciation. “No time for gibberish, all the critics hearin' this,” he raps on “Just How It Is.”

Where once a Thug bar might be interpreted ten different ways depending on who you ask or what lyric site you visit, the lyrics on So Much Fun are much more difficult to misunderstand. The aesthetic of riches, bitches and drugs (there’s a song called “Ecstasy” that somehow contains a tribal-esque chanting of the word “ecstasy” with the funnest-of-fun bars: “Molly, Roxies/Oxycontin, Jubilee/Ostrich”) that has been prevalent on most of Thug’s music is still here too, but finally, Thug is also laying claim to what’s his: the wave. Even so, he’s humble with it. We wouldn’t have Gunna, Lil Baby, Lil Keed or any of the YSL affiliates/signees without Thugger’s drip, but on the horn-riddled, triumphant “Hot” he doesn’t hesitate to lend them credence while also recognizing his own influence. It’s a hurrah-moment for fans and critics alike: “I'm sick and tired of these young niggas act like they firin', they tellin' these lies/Actin' like they the ones created this and they get all this drip from my guys.” (In this same verse, he flitters through at least six different flows, discarding each easily with every new bar he lays).

“I can tell you how to die or how to live in this bitch/I can tell you how to talk the most impeccable shit/I can show you how to walk like you got decimals,” he raps on “Just How It Is,” and indeed, he seems to have done just this for every artist he puts on. Perhaps his biggest claim to the wave though, comes in the form of “Surf.” “These niggas gon' ride the wave/These niggas gon' copy for days/These niggas gon' ride the wave/ They tryna find out where I stay,” he sings on the hook, not mincing his words or his pronunciation of said words. The airy record, produced by P’ierre Bourne is So Much Fun in sum: it’s Thug being acutely aware of his wave creation, it’s got that summertime-light-hearted vibe which is prominent throughout the album, it’s got Gunna. It’s also not a fast fan-favorite off the album, but it’s an accurate portrayal of what we’re getting with his debut album. 

So Much Fun is an easy flex from Young Thug. Each of the 19 songs is a showcase of Thug enjoying the life he’s created for himself and his slimes, a life he was destined for (“I escaped every one of the licks 'cause I was supposed to be rich”) which is perhaps why he makes it look and sound so effortless. It’s not only about Thug either, it’s about his family-- “it ain't no fun, if the homies can't have none,” to quote Snoop Dogg. This is clearly Thug’s take on life, too. While So Much Fun doesn’t break down any new walls from a sound perspective-- whereas a project like Beautiful Thugger Girls arguably incited our current country-rap fascination-- it’s a reminder of why we love Thug so much in the first place. He’s just so much freaking fun to listen to.

"Love & Hip Hop's" A1 Bentley Admits To Cheating On Lyrica With Offset's Alleged Mistress 

When he's not busy getting startling haircuts and sharing the results online, A1 Bentley can apparently be found sneaking around his pregnant wife. The Love & Hip-Hop couple has been in the news for reported difficulties in their marriage, which has been documented extensively as part of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The two entertainers have publicly admitted that they've both been disloyal in their relationship but they decided to tough it out for the sake of their child. This week though, A1 ended up coming clean to Lyrica about a recent incident that occurred during her pregnancy, admitting that he slept with Summer Bunni.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Casual fans of the show may only have heard of Bunni as one of the girls that nearly wrecked Cardi B's marriage to Offset. It turns out that she's a whole homewrecker because here she is destroying another family. As reported by Bossip, Bentley and Anderson are dangerously close to calling it quits on their marriage because of the recent revelation that A1 made.

In a new segment airing on VH1, A1 is confronted by Anderson and her friend Sia about his flirtatious FaceTime call with Summer Bunni when Lyrica straight-up asks if he's ever slept with Summer. His response was telling. "Did you sleep with her?" he asked in return, circling away from the line of questioning. Finally, after he's pressed hard enough, A1 admits that he was indeed intimate with Offset's alleged former fling. He goes on to point out that Lyrica has cheated on him in the past and in order to "not stress her out," he kept his cheating ways a secret.

Watch the dramatic video below.

50 Cent Finds A New Victim To Owe Him Money Following Tycoon Weekend 

50 Cent has spent the majority of 2019 establishing himself as hip-hop's biggest loanshark. His alter-ego, Fofty, has popped up on numerous times over the past few months, taking to the 'Gram to publicly humiliate anyone who owes him money. His antics have caused some to go to court and file harassment claims while others have been sent to the emergency room due to the public humiliation. Unfortunately, not everyone has learned from the mishappenings of others including one actor who woke up in fear and in debt.

Tyhem Commodore took to Instagram after a long night of partying with 50 Cent and the gang at Pier 115 in New Jersey. Now, we all know that 50 Cent has a lot of money but even then, it's a terrible idea to accept anything from him. Commodore learned the hard way. So, Commodore that he was turning up at the club when 50 Cent handed him a bottle of Le Chemin Du Roi. Although he thought it was simply a gratuity from the evening's host, it turned out to be apart of a slippery slope.

"He pass it to me, I'm like that's wassup. I'm like, "I'm good?' And he like, 'Do you," Commodore recounted before explaining that Fif was trying to give him more bottles even though he wasn't done the first. "So, I owe 50 Cent money. I owe 50 money. I know I shouldn't have even went to that shit... This whole weekend is set up to owe -- he know what he doin'. I know he knows what he doin' like that whole time."

Peep the clip and 50's response below. 

Cardi B Refers To Herself As “A Gangster” During Recent Deposition: Report 

Cardi B is involved in a lawsuit with a photographer named Kevin Michael Brophy Jr., who accuses her of using a photo of his tattoo on her mixtape cover without his permission. So back in April, Cardi participated in a deposition for the suit in NYC, which a judge recently ruled was to be made public, and boy was it entertaining. 

The Blast was able to obtain the transcript, which finds Cardi getting heated with the opposition for wasting her time during the lengthy 4-hour interview. Cardi was asked about her business in California, the use of the photo on her mixtape, and various other topics relating to her career.

When questioned about the mixtape tattoo photo being used, Cardi said, “I never really cared to, like see, because I didn’t give a fuck. I cared for me, and it was, like, all about me … I didn’t give a fuck about this tattoo. I didn’t give a fuck about none of that shit. So, when it comes to that, you need to go to the photographer, or whoever edited this shit, because that’s who did it --- clearly.”

Later on, Cardi would refer to herself as “a gangster” when asked about the image she was trying to put out there with the album cover. “I mean I am I am a gangster. Like, I feel like I am a gangster, like I’m a gangsta. You know? I’m a stand-up girl. You know what I’m saying.” She continued, “Like I’m not a pretty girl, or I am a pretty girl. But I’m not like this, this pink girly girl … I’m like the Buttercup, you know? There’s three powerful girls. There’s Blossom and there’s Bubbles and there’s Buttercup, the green one. That’s me. That’s who I am.”

Before closing things out, Cardi would go on to call the lawsuit nothing more than a waste of her time. She said, “Like, I could really be with my kid right now. Like, I’m really upset because I really have to be with my kid. All because of some bullshit trying to get money and then $5,000,000, Are you fucking kidding me? That mixtape didn’t even make, not even a million dollars.”

Cardi added, “I got real lawsuits with real shit, and I got to deal with this bullshit. This is four hours long taking away from my time, my job, my motherhood.” And with that said, the deposition ended shortly after that was said.


DaBaby & Lizzo Are About To Drop A Banger 

Lizzo clearly holds herself in high esteem as a rapper, and now we'll get a chance to see her square off with a formidable emcee. Following a recent PSA that she's more than ready to hold her own in the rap department, Lizzo has unveiled a new single with DaBaby, arriving at an unknown time. The track, titled "Truth Hurts," appears to be in a state of completion, as evidenced by a new IG post from the "Baby Sitter" slayer himself.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In her own accompanying caption, Lizzo teases DaBaby's performance, writing "Why u come fa me like that lmaoooooo." Of course, it's difficult to discern exactly what she's referring to, but all signs point to a strong offering from the North Carolina rapper. After all, a single with Lizzo may be exactly what DaBaby needs to crossover into a brand new market, one in which a versatile Young CEO can likely thrive. 

We're certainly curious as to what this one might sound like when all is said and done. It's a curious combination, but one that has plenty of potential given both artists penchant for holding nothing back. Expect something lewd, crude, and larger than life - are you excited? 

N.O.R.E Guns For A Spot In The Top 50 On "Energy" 

N.O.R.E hasn't necessarily been putting a ton of his energy towards music these days. With the Drink Champs podcast really making waves these days, he's been focusing more on being an on-air personality and hip-hop journalist than he is on his rap career. Every one and a while, he comes through with some new vibes for his day one fans. Today, he unleashed his new single, "Energy" which serves up some nostalgic vibes. Throughout the track, N.O.R.E sheds a reminder of his impact on the game before Drink Champs. While he does reminisce on his younger days when he was admittedly a bit more reckless, he delivers some grown-man raps as he brings back some of that old head "energy."

Peep N.O.R.E.'s new track "Energy" below.

Quotable Lyrics
Nicki went to jail, we laughed and respected that
Queens get the money, that's first, never neglected that
Fat Joe squashed it with Jay, see, I connected that
Both sides have respect for the God, and I accepted that
These bars gonna hit 'em like a mickey
This freestyle to re-think you're top 50

50 Cent's "Power" Premiere Was Star-Studded: La La Anthony, Snoop Dogg & More 

Over the weekend, 50 Cent invited a ton of his celebrity friends to party with him for Tycoon Weekend, bringing Snoop Dogg, Trey Songz, Uncle Murda, DJ Whoo Kid, and plenty of others along for the ride. At this point, you've all heard about everything that went down at the pool party but last night, Fif had the pleasure of taking the stage at Madison Square Garden, the world's most famous arena, before premiering the first episode of the final season of Power. The stars of the show weren't the only people to have shown out at the event either because a large chunk of other celebs were in the crowd to enjoy the drama that would unfold on the big screen.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ

Of course, Power actors Joseph Sikora, La La Anthony, Naturi Naughton, Lela Loren, and others walked the red carpet but some of the most rewarding surprises came during 50 Cent's performance. Joining him on stage were some of his Tycoon buddies. Jeremih, YFN Lucci, Lil Mo, Fetty Wap, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Fabolous, Trey Songz, Snoop Dogg and many others played guest to Fif's high-profile event, making their way to the stage to join the man as he rapped for thousands of his loyal supporters. 

It's been a busy week for Fiddy, partying hard with all of his homies and making sure that his business ventures operate smoothly at the same time. The new season of Power begins on August 25.

Colin Kaepernick’s Lawyer Calls Jay Z’s NFL Partnership “Cold-Blooded” 

Colin Kaepernick's attorney Mark Geragos let it be known today that he is not of a fan of Jay Z's recent partnership with the NFL.

In a new interview with ABC News, Geragos called into to talk about his stance on Hov's controversial deal with the NFL, which he said was "cold-blooded." Geragos feels that the Brooklyn rapper had already wrapped up the deal prior to reaching out to Kaepernick or the NFL about it.

"This deal between Jay-Z and the NFL crosses the intellectual picket line," Geragos said. "I can confirm to you that the deal was already done prior to any conversation that [Kaepernick] had with Jay-Z and he certainly didn’t have any conversations with the NFL,” he added.

As a result, the deal has created a division amongst several artists & players who have almost been asked to take sides between Hov and Kap. Players such as Panthers safety Eric Reid and Kenny Stills of the Miami Dolphins have been critical of Jay's deal, meanwhile fellow rappers like Vic Mensa, Cardi B & Killer Mike have all thought the opposite and believe Hov will do good for Kaepernick and the black community.

We'll continue to keep you posted on this Hov controversy moving forward. What do you think? Is Jay's NFL deal a good or bad look?



Young Thug On His Sexuality: "I'm The Straightest Man In The World" 

With the release of his new album, Young Thug has been on everybody's mind this week. The Atlanta-raised rapper is running significantly more press than usual, promoting So Much Fun and even announcing a new body of work during his sit-down with The Fader. As we wait to hear more about Punk and when it's scheduled to arrive, Thugger was a guest on Big Boy Radio this morning where he spoke his mind about all sorts of things. He touched on some of the major talking points in his career, including his relationship with Lil Wayne, and even cleared up rumors about his sexuality.

Although he's been romantically linked to Jerrika Karlae for years, Young Thug has been plagued with rumors about his sexual preferences for just as long. Because of how eccentric he is, Thug's mannerisms are considered to be flamboyant by some, especially when he takes things to new levels by wearing a dress on his cover art. The recording artist has already addressed his sexuality in the past, telling media that he is heterosexual, but he felt the need to reassert himself again today.

"People judge me and people say I'm gay but it's like, at one point, I probably had more hoes... you know what I'm saying? It's serious," he said. "So if people think that I'm gay, they already misjudged me. I'm the straightest man in the world. I hate guys, like what? Fuck you talking about? I'm not even having no threesomes [with a guy.]"

At this point, Jeffery probably doesn't even need to address his sexuality in a public forum. He's made it abundantly clear that he's into women so can we all just take his word for it?

Young Thug Announces New Project "Punk," Says It Will Be Embraced Globally 

Young Thug is fresh off of the release of his latest project, So Much Funwhich is looking like his biggest album to date. Thug is an OG in the game at this point, one that has influenced a whole generation of kids to embrace gender fluidity, individuality, and living without any borders. So Much Fun encapsulates all of that but in a way, it also marks a new era to Thug's career. Even though it hasn't even been a week since he dropped the album, it appears as though we could expect a new project from him in a matter of months.

Francesco Nazardo/The FADER

Thugger recently covered The Fader where he dished out on some new plans in the coming months. The rapper revealed in late July that he has a new album called Punk coming in "two months." "It’s most definitely touching music,” Thug said about the album. "It’s music that the world is going to embrace.” 

He continued to divulge that the album's title has a deeper meaning to him that, in a way, encompasses his personality. "[Punk] means brave, not self centered, conscious. Very, very neglected, very misunderstood. Very patient, very authentic," he continued. 

Thug also continued to explain what his intentions are with this album. Depending on the levels of old head energy, one might argue that Thug "ruined hip-hop." But on Punk, Thug said that he wants to bring back "real rap."

"[Real rap is] letting people in, letting people know what you go through. Let them know that you the same,” he said.

Are you ready for this latest album from Thug?

Offset Reminds The Forgetful That Migos Are "BEST GROUP ALIVE" 

Migos have made a habit out of ruffling feathers, particularly when they stave into the "of-all-time" discussion category. It wasn't long ago that Offset dubbed Migos the "Biggest Group Ever," which elicited a respectful yet firm response from Turk of the Hot Boys: "For a n***a to say they the best group ever, not the best group right now doin' they thing, but the best group ever?" says Turk, "man that's some disrespectful-ass, foul-ass shit, you dig? I wouldn't be right, me being in a group that was big, that n***as emulate to this day - including the Migos...The Migos the new Hot Boys, they doin' they thing."

Tyler Kaufman/Getty Images

And then there were Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, who took umbrage with Migos' perceived disrespect toward their elders. At the time, Layzie Bone elaborated on his position, saying "it's like the young guys versus the old guys, but really, that's not what it's about. It's about payin' homage to the bricklayers. To the ones that came before us." And yet, Migos remained unmoved, and dare I say, unwavering in their assessment. Now, Offset is back to stake his claim once again, this time having a laugh at the inevitable fallout. 

"BEST GROUP ALIVE DONT @ Me lol," he writes, alongside a picture of himself, Quavo, and Takeoff. Off the bat, YG and Quality Control endorsed the claim, but it wouldn't be surprising to see some groups catch feelings as a result. Of course, it's entirely possible that Offset knows exactly what he's doing, and is simply looking to garner attention for Control The Streets Volume 2. Either way, it's an interesting discussion - is Migos currently the Best Group Alive? 

Stephen A. Smith Joining ESPN's NBA Studio Coverage: Report 

NBA fans will be seeing a lot more of Stephen A. Smith next season, as ESPN reportedly plans to switch up their NBA studio coverage.

According to The Big Lead, it is believed that Smith will be featured as part of Wednesday night's NBA on ESPN double-headers, although his specific role has not yet been announced.

Back in April, The New York Post's Andrew Marchand reported that Smith was "in line to become the highest-paid on-air person at ESPN," and could see his salary double from $5 million a year to $10 million annually. The legendary "First Take" co-host already appears on numerous other programs within the network in addition to hosting his own radio show.

Additionally, Richard Deitsch reports that Rachel Nichols & Maria Taylor will be named as the hosts of NBA Countdown. As a result, it looks like Michelle Beadle will be dropped from the lineup. 

Deitsch also notes that Chauncey Billups is expected to move from the studio to a game analyst role, while Jalen Rose is believed to be returning to NBA Countdown. It remains to be seen if Paul Pierce will continue to be involved.

Katie Holmes Reportedly Ended Relationship With Jamie Foxx Due To His "Partying Ways" 

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's relationship managed to be kept under wraps for six years. The two made their first and final public appearance together at the 2019 Met Gala. After all that time remaining secretive, details about their relationship and breakup continue to leak out this week. 

After Foxx was seen holding hands with 21-year-old singer, Sela Vave, earlier this week, people began wondering about what had gone down with Holmes. Although a source told People Magazine that Foxx is only serving as a music mentor to Vave and that they are not romantically involved, the story did lead to the confirmation that Foxx and Holmes had ended their relationship. Page Six reported that "a spy" had overheard Holmes tell a friend over dinner at the Kenmore Street restaurant that her and Jamie "haven't been together in months". One of Katie's friends informed Page Six that the split occurred in early May. A last-minute cancelled trip to Montauk over Memorial Day weekend is said to have played a role.

US Weekly has now shared more scoop on what caused the breakup. Their source said, “It has been many years of him stepping out with other women. He’s disrespectful and their lives were different. His partying ways don’t fit with hers as she’s focused on raising her daughter and working.” Their relationship was further strained by the fact that Foxx resides in Los Angeles, and Holmes in New York. If Foxx is as much of a partier as this source claims, Holmes not being in the same state to keep him in check would certainly lead to suspicions. 

Juice WRLD Marvels At Eminem's Insane "Role Model" Verse  

Today, Juice WRLD has slid through for another interview with Montreality. Eventually, the conversation shifts to Eminem, always a interesting topic of discussion. "I fuck with Em though," says Juice WRLD. "His old shit, I fuck with him so heavy. I never meant to give you mushrooms girl, I never meant to bring you to my world. That shit was fire." Though his "My Fault" rendition is admirable, he admits he's incapable of doing his favorite Em song justice. Though he doesn't appear to know the song title, he breaks out into the chorus of "I'm Shady," revealing a clear preference for Em's 1999 debut. 

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Juice also takes it one further, referencing one of "Role Model's" opening punchlines. "I'm cancerous, so when I diss, you wouldn't wanna answer this, if you responded back with a battle rap you wrote for Canibus," spits Juice, before embarking on the full verse in its near-entirety. "That n***a killed that shit" marvels Juice, one of Em's more vocal fans in recent memory. Lest we forget, there seems to be a growing anti-Eminem sentiment in certain corners of the media, a testament to the superstar's divisive nature.

This isn't the first time Juice WRLD has praised Eminem's early music, claiming the game has softened drastically since Slim's heydey. All things considered, it's refreshing to see one of hip-hop's young talents show some love to a classic debut from a legend in the game. For more from Juice WRLD, Be sure to check out the full interview below via Montreality. 

Frank Ocean Flexes Pink Du-Rag & Grills In Outrageous IG Upload 

Frank Ocean is an anomaly. He exists in rumors and his life is the stuff of legend. Rare is the day fans actually get a chance to hear from the revered artist, and yesterday was one of those days. It was only last November when Ocean opened the gates of his Instagram to the public. Fans flocked in and painstakingly scoured through years of posts that had only been seen by a fortunate few. He’s one of the greatest artists of our generation, and also, the man pictured below.

That’s right. The purple and pink camouflaged du-rag, grills, and matching pink shirt all belong to one of the greatest artists of our generation. Presented with no comment other than a simple “😬” emoji, Frank lets the commentators here do the talking. Tyler, the Creator writes, “that NOLA seeping out.” Sage Elsesser wrote, “maaaan why I thought you had on a velvet rag 📶.”

Yesterday marked the three-year anniversary of Frank Ocean’s magnum opus, Blonde and, in conjunction, the release of his underrated classic, Endless. Both albums are masterpieces in their own right. Make sure to check out our look back at the iconic albums that have more than defined Frank Ocean’s career.